The Sequence to Success

If you stop and think about this for just a moment and not have a knee jerk reaction this concept makes tons of sense.

Brookings scholars Ron Haskins and Isabel Sawhill call it the “success sequence”: getting at least a high-school diploma, working, and then marrying before having children—again, in that order.

And here is some of what they found.

We found that at ages 28 to 34, 53% of millennials who had failed to complete all three steps were poor. The poverty rate dropped to 31% among millennials who completed high school, 16% among those who had a diploma and a full-time job, and 3% for millennials who also put marriage before the baby carriage. Among childless and unmarried millennials 28 to 34 who followed the education and work steps, the poverty rate was 8%.

Seems sometimes the traditional path is the best one.

From the Wall Street Journal

I have the answer to the Facebook and social network privacy problem.

I have the answer to the Facebook and social network privacy problem. Yes, that’s right, only I can come up with this simple solution to all the world’s ills.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snacpchat, and any other social network or service should institute a paid tier. If we pay for the service then these social networks and Internet companies can stop feeding us advertising and selling our personal information.

If you want the service for free you can still have it. But, you’ll go into it with the full knowledge that you could have paid instead to avoid any of this personal privacy ugliness.

You get what you pay for and, in the case of Facebook, you, me, and everyone else that uses Facebook don’t pay a dime. You think Facebook’s servers worldwide run on candy and happy thoughts?

Let’s make 21 the national age of consent

The age of consent across the world.

If you’re old enough to enlist in the military, which is currently 18, then, to me, you should be old enough to take part in any legal activity that any other consenting adult may partake.  But you’re not. So-called vices are unavailable to you, such as drinking alcohol and smoking. Now with the latest kerfuffle regarding raising the age to purchase a firearm to 21 there is another lawful, and Constitutionally protected right no less, activity that is proposed to be taken away from people we call adults.

If we are to do this why not be consistent and raise the age of consent for everything to 21… Including enlistment in the military. If people don’t have the maturity to educate themselves on firearms as a civilian then they certainly don’t have the maturity to decide to give up their life for their country either.

Here’s a list of things that I would make illegal until a person turns 21:

  • Military Enlistment
  • Selective Service (Military Draft)
  • Smoking
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Purchasing Firearms
  • Voting
  • Driving
  • Marriage
  • Employment
  • Consent to contract
  • Consent to have sexual intercourse
  • Impregnation (Male and Female)
  • Parenting (If a child is impregnated and carries to term that person must give up the child for adoption)

I’m sure there’s lots more I’m missing but I think this is a fair list.

Google Search is broken and now near useless.

Like everyone else I use Google for searching the web. Google, as a search tool for the Web, has been getting worse and worse over the years but most recently when I use it I find the search results near useless. It’s my theory that AdWords, Google’s advertising platform, is largely to blame.

Most of the time I’m searching for information on a subject. Take the search term, “inexpensive limited ingredient dog food“. Companies that purchased the keywords in this search want to sell me dog food. But, really what I’m interested is information about this type of food and not how to buy it.

The first search results page is littered with sites that are not really sites I find reputable for information or for purchasing and even a few pages into the search I still can’t find information from what I would consider to be an authoritative independent source.

It’s like this for almost everything I search for now.

I’ll use myself for the ultimate proof of how search is broken. Take my web site’s domain name, It has my freaking name in it. If you search for me, “kevin bae”, my domain name should be on the first page of results regardless of how popular (or unpopular) my site is to the general public. It should be assumed that if someone is searching for someone with my name that perhaps a web site with a TLD of kevinbae would be a good place to start.

You can’t find anything about me until the second page of search results where they list my twitter account and on the third page where there is an entry that has to do with my work. But still nothing for until the fourth results page. Ridiculous.

Try the same search for, “kevin bae“, on Microsoft’s and bam! There I am at the very top of the search results. Perhaps I need to move on over to using Bing for all my searching needs.

What further complicates search on Google is that they are trying to customize your searches. If you’re logged into your Google account while making a Google search everything you’ve ever done while logged into your Google account gets used to try to make Google search smarter. But, it’s not getting smarter it’s getting dumber and more useless by the day.

Bing it baby!



Wow, I can’t believe it’s the end for The Loop!

Educational Media Foundation has agreed to buy The Loop from Merlin Media for $21.5 million and plans to convert it to a noncommercial contemporary Christian music station under its syndicated K-Love brand. Pending government approval, the deal will mark the end of a legacy that began when owner Phil Chess of Chess Records flipped the call letters from WSDM to WLUP in 1977.

Radio Hall of Famer Steve Dahl, who rose to stardom on The Loop in the early ’80s, said: “As I look back on my 40 years on the radio in this market, I am reminded almost daily of The Loop’s impact not only my career, but also rock and roll history in Chicago, and around the world. They just don’t make brave risk-taking local radio stations like that anymore, and that’s everybody’s loss. I hope the last song they play there is AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell!’”


The best part of the Oscars are the clips of movies past. It seems these people forget they are entertainers not saviors of the world or roll models to be admired. #oscars

This is easily the most disgusting article I’ve read in a long time.

Sierkip Chicken Farm Haan Crows Chickens

I ran across a story in the Washington Post this morning that is easily the most disgusting article I’ve come across in quite some time and it, to me, completely illustrates how we are doomed as a nation. Here’s the headline, “The Silicon Valley elite’s latest status symbol: Chickens”.

It seems the “tech elite” as they are called in the article are spending gobs of money on raising chickens. That by itself is not a problem. With the culture in California, and with the Millennial Generation, surrounding locally sourced everything this would make some sense and I really don’t have a problem with people wanting to raise their own chickens. Whatever floats their boat.

The problem is that they are spending ridiculous amounts of time and money and wasting human emotion and compassion on Chickens! Here’s an example:

In true Silicon Valley fashion, chicken owners approach their birds as any savvy venture capitalist might: By throwing lots of money at a promising flock (spending as much as $20,000 for high-tech coops). By charting their productivity (number and color of eggs). And by finding new ways to optimize their birds’ happiness — as well as their own.

And another example:

Instead of cobbling together a plywood coop with materials from the local hardware store, the rare birds of Silicon Valley are hiring contractors to build $20,000 coops using reclaimed materials or pricey redwood that matches their human homes. Others opt for a Williams-Sonoma coop — chemical free and made from sustainable red pine — that has been called the “Range Rover of chicken cribs.” Coops are also outfitted with solar panels, automated doors and electrical lighting — as well as video cameras that allow owners to check on their beloved birds remotely.

One knuckle head, Moira Hanes who is a Berkeley professor, registered her, “one-eyed special needs rooster, Gwennie, as an emotional support animal.” What the fuck!?! This person is teaching people? Her stupid chicken has a “cross beak disability” and she feeds him fucking baby food mixed with grain.

He also gets a weekly bath and a blow dry — “which he LOVES,”

There’s even a cottage industry for chicken consultants that are charging upwards of $225.00 per hour. One consultant said one of her clients has a personal chef for the chickens. A FUCKING PERSONAL CHEF FOR FUCKING CHICKENS!!!!

Her clients spend thousands of dollars for surgeries and X-rays to keep them alive after the chickens have been attacked by a predator or if they’ve become ill.

One person in this story openly admits that her obsession with her chickens squelched her desire for more children with her husband. She feeds her CHICKENS grilled salmon, steak, fresh lettuce, and ORGANIC watermelon. Nothing says asshole like feeding your chickens this menu.

They are also extremely bigoted:

Watching the chickens is one of the family’s favorite activities. They call it: “Hillbilly television.”

That’s what the west coast elite think of the rest of the country. These are supposed to be the smartest and most enlightened people in the country? These people are fucked.

Instead of giving a fine bottle of wine when attending dinner parties these west coast assholes are bringing a six pack of eggs instead.

Not just any eggs, but a handpicked, coffee-colored collection laid by Queen Elizabeth, Bear or one of the Van Horns’ other heritage breed chickens, inhabitants of a cozy coop on the family’s backyard deck overlooking Sutro Forest. As a final touch, each carton is stamped with the family’s specially designed seal of approval: “VH SF Eggs.”

The bigger problem here is that these dumb asses are raising children of their own too. They are poisoning a new generation of people that will think it is absolutely okay to humanize chickens. They think their compassion towards these dumb birds is something to be celebrated when they should be nothing but condemned.

We’re doomed.

If you have the intestinal fortitude please read this most disgusting of articles at the Washington Post.

Favorite quote of the day… “You’re cold and dead inside” — Sylvia Bae

Favorite quote of the day… “You’re cold and dead inside” — Sylvia Bae

So, at least I’ve got that going for me. 😀

In the United States we have failed our children…

In the United States we have failed our children… but not in the way you might think.

We’ve failed to teach them what this country is all about. It’s not about “justice”. It’s not about “fairness”. It’s not about “equality”. It’s not about “safety”. This country is not about anything that will keep you safe and help you sleep well at night.

Instead, this country is about LIBERTY. It was founded in revolution to obtain LIBERTY. The liberty to live your life the way you see fit as long as those liberties do not infringe upon another.

This country is NOT a democracy. It is a REPUBLIC. It was set up as a republic because the founders of the nation where students of history and knew that democracies don’t last. They kill themselves through the tyranny of the majority. The majority tend to run roughshod over the minority (minority of opinion not race) with little thought to their natural rights.

The Bill of Rights is not a list of your rights. It is a protection of your natural rights. Your natural rights are the rights to which all humans are born. The Bill of Rights is there to say what the government CANNOT take from you or do to you. This Bill of Rights does not exist anywhere else in the world and we’re extremely fortunate it was codified in the Constitution of the United States.

In this country where we have our natural rights there are times when people, for whatever reason, will violate the rights of another. It is inevitable. During these time we must enforce our laws and do so in as blind a manner as humanly possible.

Public school no longer teaches the promise of this country and the near perfect system that was envisioned by our nation’s founders. Our founders were not perfect. They were human men like any other of their time. But, their flawed human nature does not negate the genius of their philosophy of government. They didn’t agree on everything but they did agree on the promise of individual liberty.