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  • Without biological sex there is no homosexuality

    Without biological sex there is no homosexuality

    This stuff doesn’t often cross my mind. Mostly because I just don’t give a rats ass where a guy chooses to sling his sausage. Reading TGIF on Bari Weiss’ Substack this morning, Nellie Bowles writes about the Taylor Lorenz bru ha ha and near the bottom of that story she links to a Newsweek article…

  • “Cancel-Adjacent” When progressives eat their own

    I’m read this New York Times article about a podcast series surrounding the disintegration, due to progressive woke-ism, of Bon Appetit called “The Test Kitchen” and how itself got canceled due to progressive woke-ism. The mental machinations these people go through in the name of trying to please everyone is psychotic and not productive. It’s…

  • It’s Pat! Oh how times have changed

    Frankly I’m surprised this clip still exists on SNL’s YouTube channel. Cancel them!!

  • Get off Telegram now

    When the ads start rolling your speech stops flowing. Telegram will have to convince advertisers that its audience is broad, which could be a challenge following reports that far-right groups and white supremacists flocked to the app after being banned from other platforms. Mr. Durov will also have to satisfy Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s…

  • What do you call it when comedians leave the Democrat Party? Comedexit?

    I’m not a huge fan of Sarah Silverman. I do like some of her comedy. I find her very funny when she’s not being terribly vulgar. What do comedians like her do when the “progressives” turn regressive. The Millennial Generation on down don’t seem to be able to take a joke.

  • Virtue signaling to cancel culture

    Seems it’s good business now to virtue signal. Lately we have Dr. Seuss issuing a press release about dropping six titles from their portfolio of children’s books. At least theirs was culturally significant because so many Americans grew up reading Dr. Seuss. Now comes an ice cream company switching the name of one of their…