Is rural MAGA country the utopia the progressives profess to want?

If you look at the statistics the answer is yes. The article below is very hard to argue against.

According to the Department of Justice, out here where I live in rural North Carolina, throughout all of 2019, there were a total of only 20 hate crime allegations in our 13 rural counties where the population adds up to 668,000. That means that throughout 2019, there were only 2.9 hate crime allegations per 100,000 people.

Guess what the hate crime number is in some of the most progressive, left-wing cities in America? Well, you don’t have to guess, because I have those numbers for you….

Portland, OR = 5.75 reported hate crime incidents per 100,000

Boulder, CO = 7.9 incidents per 100,000

San Francisco, CA = 7.2 incidents per 100,000

Alexandria, VA = 3.1 incidents per 100,000

Arlington, VA = 4.7 incidents per 100,000

Seattle, WA = 40 (not a typo) per 100,000

Washington DC = 29 (not a typo) incidents per 100,000 (this is where the elite media live LOL)

I think you are starting to get the point, but let’s close with my personal favorite…

Berkeley, CA = 6.5 per 100,000

Golly, gee, will you look at that! It is two and three times — and even ten times safer for a minority to live in Rural MAGA Country than it is in a oh-so progressive city populated and governed by Democrats.

How is that possible when we’re told that we are the racists? How is it possible that where all of America’s so-called racists live, where we all congregate, gather, own guns, and govern ourselves, there is less racism — and in most cases — MUCH less racism, than there is in cities filled with Democrats?
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The inequities of professional basketball

In our woke world and the call for equity in results instead of equality of opportunity professional basketball needs a modern day overhaul.

LeBron James makes a lot of money. It’s well deserved. No one currently has the talents he has on the basketball court. He’s accomplished and dominates his sport. But yet the WNBA, as a league, makes less money per year than James alone. The inequities are unjustifiable!

I hereby call for the NBA to start subsidizing the WNBA and bring all professional basketball players salaries in line. The free market can’t be trusted to pay a fair wage to women that are just as accomplished as the men.


Mayor wears battle helmet to talk to peaceful protesters

This is akin to the CNN reporter talking about mostly peaceful protests while buildings are burning in the background. How stupid is the world we live in now? Mayor Mike Elliott of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota should change his name to Mike Idiot.


FDA approves drugs on an honor system

I just learned something new today. I wonder if this was always true or if it is a relatively new thing.

Here’s a clip from the Low Carb MD podcast where they interview Katherine Eban. She’s an investigative journalist.


A very French protest

If there is one thing you can count on from the French people is an entertaining protest. A flash mob at Gard du Nord performed a catchy tune protesting mask wearing and soul crushing lockdowns. Vive la France!


I guess Amazon isn’t the terrible workplace the media and labor unions make it out to be

Amazon’s PR says it’s not a win for Amazon. What can be said is this vote was a huge defeat for labor unions. The way this thing was hyped up I was sure it was going to go in the union’s favor. But, 71% against?!? That’s a giant slap in the union’s face.

Workers at the Bessemer warehouse overwhelmingly rejected unionization, with 71% casting ballots not to join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, according to the National Labor Relations Board. Some who voted no said they didn’t see how a union would substantially improve their pay and benefits.

“Amazon didn’t win—our employees made the choice to vote against joining a union,” the company said Friday.

The rejection is a blow to efforts to increase union membership in the private sector nationally, which has experienced a decades-long decline. The Amazon facility represented an opportunity to organize workers at the second-largest U.S. employer, in a fast-growing industry and in an environment where labor unions have thrived in the past—a large blue-collar site where many employees do similar jobs.

Wall Street Journal

The labor unions have outlived their usefulness. They were needed a time ago but now most of the changes to labor laws are set in stone and no one needs the labor union to stand in between. Especially since the unions use their dues primarily for poltics.

“A lot of us are in agreement that we don’t need anybody there to speak for us and take our money,” said Cori Jennings, 40 years old, who works there and voted against unionizing. Ms. Jennings, who talked to The Wall Street Journal before the results were final, said she and many of her colleagues were also eager for the national attention to fade: “We want our lives to go back to normal.”

The outcome underscores unions’ difficulties in boosting their ranks in the U.S. private sector, where they represent just 6.3% of workers, down from 24.2% in 1973, according to the earliest available data from Georgia State University’s union stats database. Of total U.S. workers, 10.8% were union members last year, according to the Labor Department.

Wall Street Journal

The troubling unions are the public employee unions. They unionized against the public and in my view should be illegal because there is no way for their true employers, the taxpayers, to have direct negotiations. Instead elected politicians, which get tons of funding from public employee labor unions, rubber stamp their new contracts.

I’m sure this union and it’s members were big critics of Trump and Trump voters for wanting to look into the 2020 election for fraud. This is an assumption of course but I feel it’s a safe one. But lookee here. They are contesting the results of the vote and want it overturned. Hmmmm.

The union said it would appeal the vote, accusing Amazon of violating legal restrictions governing unionization campaigns. Amazon has said it followed the law in communicating with employees before and during the election.

The appeal would seek to overturn results of the election or have it held again. The union is expected to take issue with meetings Amazon held with Bessemer employees and a mailbox the company pushed to install outside the facility.

“We won’t rest until workers’ voices are heard fairly under the law. When they are, we believe they will be victorious in this historic and critical fight to unionize the first Amazon warehouse in the United States,” RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum said.

Wall Street Journal

Let’s keep our eye on this one. Hahahaha.

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Biden to convene panel to consider court packing

For everyone who thinks Joe Biden is capable of holding off the progressive hoard. This just in!

President Biden on Friday will order a 180-day study of adding seats to the Supreme Court, making good on a campaign-year promise to establish a bipartisan commission to examine the potentially explosive subjects of expanding the court or setting term limits for justices, White House officials said.

The president acted under pressure from activists pushing for more seats to alter the ideological balance of the court after President Donald J. Trump appointed three justices, including one to a seat that Republicans had blocked his predecessor, Barack Obama, from filling for almost a year.

New York Times

When Democrats and Progressives don’t get their way their first instinct is to change the rules. Obviously because they didn’t win the rules are not fair. This is the insidious way these people think. They never stop to consider that one day the shoe will be on the other foot.

The reason the Supreme Court has a 5 – 4 conservative tilt (the New York Times says 6 – 3 but we all know Chief Justice Roberts is not a reliable conservative vote) is because Democrats eliminated the filibuster for judicial nominees leading to the Republicans to do the same for Supreme Court nominees.

What we need are some cooler heads to prevail. Stop taking revenge for losing. Accept the loss and come back with some better ideas. This nonsense is tearing the country apart.

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Science is creating vampires to stave off aging

First they started with mice.

The infusion of new blood led to a threefold increase in the number of new nerve cells generated in the brains of the elderly mice. But that was not the only revelation. He had already shown that the young members of the conjoined old-young mouse pairs generated far fewer new nerve cells than young mice left to roam free, untethered to their elderly cousins. And while the old mice grew more energetic, the younger mice suddenly behaved as if they were middle-aged.


Now they’re coming for the people.

In 2016, a former Stanford Medical School student named Jesse Karmazin, opened up Ambrosia, a clinic in Monterey, California, offering to infuse clients with the blood of donors between the ages of 16 and 25 for $8000 a liter.


How long until we’re harvesting baby blood!!

But seriously… this was part of a long article on aging and what scientists are doing to thwart its effects. The article goes through a litany of pharmaceutical interventions and research for new drugs but side stepped this gem in the middle of the story.

Emerging science now explains why there may be something to this method of bio-hacking. In humans, insulin is the hormonal signal that cues our cells to absorb sugar and convert it to energy. Along with a closely related hormone called Insulin like-Growth Factor 1 (IGF1), insulin affects a large number of other cellular processes, including the rate of cellular division, which many believe is directly related to aging. When the insulin and IGF1 in humans or analogous compounds in worms are dialed down—because we are starving, or the genes have been tweaked—a host of cellular repair mechanisms that are normally on standby kick into high-gear.

The adaptation makes sense from the perspective of evolution. Prehistoric times consisted of long periods of scarcity punctuated by precious windows of abundance. Since there was no telling how long the good times would last, our ancestors evolved the ability to grow and build fat and muscle as quickly as possible. A feast triggered the body to release insulin and IGF1, which allowed our cells to begin absorbing glucose and spurred them to pour energy into cellular reproduction and regeneration for as long as our insulin levels remain high.

When calories were no longer easy to come by, our bodies adjusted by lowering insulin and IGF1 levels—a cue for our cells to slow regeneration and reproduction, and instead divert energy into cellular processes most likely to facilitate our survival through cold, lean times. The human body protects cells it already has: it produces more enzymes to ensure proteins don’t misfold, it ramps up the machinery designed to repair broken DNA and it breaks down cellular debris and defective cells it might otherwise ignore, scavenging for parts it can use to feed its healthier cells through the lean days. In the process, it cleans up cellular garbage that, particularly as we grow older, likely promotes low-level inflammation.


Do you know what non-pharmaceutical interventions exist that directly addresses this problem? A low carbohydrate diet combined with intermittent fasting.

A low carbohydrate diet doesn’t trigger insulin and makes your body more sensitive to it over time. The lack of insulin in your blood tells your body to use the energy already stored and to go in to cellular repair mode. Intermittent fasting aids in that effort by not spiking your insulin levels several times through out the day.

Instead of buying pharmaceuticals in the quest to live forever why not exercise to maintain strength and flexibility and stop eating so much (especially sugars and carbohydrates) and so often to give your body a chance to repair. You won’t spend thousands on drugs and their potential side effects and you’ll save money on all the food you won’t be eating.

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Doctors trained via video game

This can’t be good.

Of course I’m exaggerating a bit… but only a bit. Doctors are being trained using virtual rather than actual cadavers.

For generations, medical students were initiated to their training by a ritual as gory as it was awe-inducing: the cadaver dissection. Since at least the 14th century, physicians have honed their understanding of human anatomy by examining dead bodies. But amid the coronavirus pandemic, the cadaver dissection — like many hands-on aspects of the medical curriculum — turned virtual, using a three-dimensional simulation software.

New York Times

What makes this worse is that almost a third of medical schools are doing this.

nearly 30 percent of medical schools, including Mount Sinai, used online platforms to teach anatomy.

New York Times

What’s even worse than that is that both faculty and students know using technology in place of human cadavers is not beneficial.

Both faculty members and students realize that watching organs move on a laptop screen is not the same as removing them, one by one, from a human body. “A cadaver’s body parts wouldn’t look as smooth and perfect as they do on a screen,” Mr. Catlett said. “Let’s say the cadaver was an alcoholic, you might see liver cirrhosis with bumps and ridges covering the liver.”

New York Times

How many doctors are going to graduate medical school without ever seeing the inside of a real human body? Are the medical schools practicing educational malpractice? Should they provide extra liability coverage free of charge to all the students they graduate in this manner? Should these doctors have a little COVID-19 sticker on their diploma letting us all know they never went through this training?

What else in our world are we going to fuck up because of this stupid pandemic?

Image by Rafael Juárez from Pixabay

China squatting on southeast Asian islands

Instead of invading with their military China is simply using the strategy of squatting on the islands in the South China Sea.

The goal is to accomplish by overwhelming presence what it has been unable to do through diplomacy or international law. And to an extent, it appears to be working.

“Beijing pretty clearly thinks that if it uses enough coercion and pressure over a long enough period of time, it will squeeze the Southeast Asians out,” said Greg Poling, the director of the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, which tracks developments in the South China Sea. “It’s insidious.”

New York Times

They are going to employ the strategy of occupying by default. If no one removes them or challenges them militarily there will be nothing to stop them from staying.

The latest incident has unfolded in recent weeks around Whitsun Reef, a boomerang-shaped feature that emerges above water only at low tide. At one point in March, 220 Chinese ships were reported to be anchored around the reef, prompting protests from Vietnam and the Philippines, which both have claims there, and from the United States.

The Philippine defense secretary, Delfin Lorenzana, called their presence “a clear provocation.” Vietnam’s foreign ministry accused China of violating the country’s sovereignty and demanded that the ships leave.

By this past week, some had left but many remained, according to satellite photographs taken by Maxar Technologies, a company based in Colorado. Others moved to another reef only a few miles away, while a new swarm of 45 Chinese ships was spotted 100 miles northeast at another island controlled by the Philippines, Thitu, according to the satellite photos and Philippine officials.

New York Times

There are a lot of naïve people in the US government that think China can be trusted to remain peaceful. It can’t be long until they move on Taiwan. It seems some in the Philippines are more worried about environmental damage than Chinese aggression.

The task force said the 254 ships were not fishing vessels, as Beijing claimed, but part of China’s maritime militia, an ostensibly civilian force that has become an integral instrument of China’s new maritime strategy. Many of these boats, while unarmed, are operated by reservists or others who carry out the orders of the Coast Guard and People’s Liberation Army.

“They may be doing illicit activities at night and their lingering (swarming) presence may cause irreparable damage to the marine environment,” the task force’s statement said.

New York Times