• Update to My Samsung Galaxy S III Review

    I posted a review of the Samsung Galaxy S III a little over a month ago. My initial reaction was that I was fairly impressed but not overwhelmed by anything. Overall I felt it was a good upgrade of hardware and software but not anything spectacular. What’s changed in a month’s time is my impression […]

  • Nexus 7 Review

    Nexus 7 Review

    Here’s another review courtesy of your average tech enthusiast. I’ve never liked the iPad. My main reasons are the locked down ecosystem, the size, the weight, and the cost. I don’t understand spending that kind of money for something that isn’t a real computer. Instead I’ve taken to first using a Nook Color which I rooted […]

  • My Samsung Galaxy S III Review

    My Samsung Galaxy S III Review

    From Tech Stuff I’m a technology enthusiast yes, but, not always an early adopter. I just received my Samsung Galaxy S III phone from Verizon after two plus years of using an HTC Incredible. I loved the Incredible. The size of the phone was perfect for my pocket and once the phone was upgraded to […]

  • Why Windows Phone Has No Future

    I’m a Windows user and have been since Windows 3.1. I have stayed away from Apple, with the exception of the Newton (go ahead and laugh if you want), in all forms because of one main reason. Lock-in. Apple locks people in to their ecosystem and you have to work hard to get out of […]

  • Google’s Project Glass Is Freaking Cool

    Google’s Project Glass Is Freaking Cool

    If Google can pull this off this would be incredible. Here are  my initial thoughts after watching the video below: How much would this cost How many people are going to get hit by cars watching the screen in front of their face Obviously it’s bluetooth or something like it otherwise you can’t connect to […]

  • Can We Trust Bitcasa?

    Can We Trust Bitcasa?

    I finally received my invite to join Bitcasa. I couldn’t even remember that I had signed up for the beta. In fact, it has been so long since I signed up that I had to research them to make sure the invitation wasn’t a scam. If you don’t already know, Bitcasa purports to be a […]