Coco turned 2 today and he said he’s still not amused with Godfrey. 

Bagging groceries is such a lost art. 

Just a general commentary on life. 

Coco treats Godfrey as his personal bed warmer

The one bonus to a summer that won’t quit are the early fall tomatoes and sitaw. 

Godfrey (aka @galooteus_maximus) and his last splash of summer. Pool closes on Friday

Godfrey is contemplating the meaning of his existence. 

He’s pretty sure it has something to do with squirrels, swimming, and rolling around in the grass like an idiot. 

Late summer tomato harvest

With a side of Filipino long beans (sitaw) 

Proof that Coco is part bunny. 

A small egg sandwich for breakfast 

Scramble your brains in 8 minutes… Unless you understand dark energy and quantum fields.