Google Pixel Auto-focus Issue Solved

The offending laser sensors

I’ve been having auto-focus issues with my Google Pixel for the past couple of months. The solution will cost you about a 4mm x 4mm piece of electric tape. There are three dots to the right of the camera lens on the back of the phone. Take that tiny piece of tape and cover the two left most dots (These are the laser sensors). PROBLEM SOLVED.

I bought this phone back in June because I was having all kinds of issues with sluggishness with my Nexus 5X. These Android phones don’t handle updates well over time and just get bogged down and performance suffers.

I was mildly happy with the Pixel (Only mildly because I really didn’t wan to buy a new phone yet) until about 2 months ago I noticed that when taking video the camera kept losing focus. What ever the subject of my video would be and no matter the type of light the camera would start hunting around trying to figure out what it’s supposed to focus on.

I searched forums and sent feedback to Google but no software update ever fixed the problem. Today I even went so far as to contact support hoping that there was a solution they new about. The support person did everything they could but there was no fix. Totally frustrated I decided to search more across the Internet and low and behold I finally found an entry in a forum where a guy said he accidentally discovered that if he covered those two little holes that his auto-focus issues disappeared. I tried it and sure enough the fix was instant.

My theory is that the tiny micro scratches in the glass backing is messing with the laser’s ability to accurately read what’s in front of it.  So now, while the auto-focus isn’t as quick as it ought to be at least it works and won’t lose focus on my subject. This is not how a $700 phone should perform after only a few months of use.

Now I can get back to making non-sense dog videos for Instagram.

A good kind of silliness made possible by smartphones and the Internet.

I just discovered this two year old video on YouTube. It’s a good kind of silliness made possible by smartphones and the Internet.

Unsolicited advice on what to do regarding the Equifax data breach.

Here’s some unsolicited advice on what to do regarding the Equifax data breach this past week.  The advice below is what I gave to my children and it’s what I did and what I do on a regular basis to try to keep my financial life as secure as possible.  There may be better and more secure ways to do these things but this is the best way I know how.

You may have heard about the data breach with one of the three major credit reporting agencies. The data breach covered half of the population in the U.S. Normally I don’t worry too much about these data breaches but this one is really serious because Equifax let loose everything a person needs to open credit accounts and take out loans in your name. The first thing you should do is to go to the following link to determine if there is potential that your data was compromised.

If they say there is potential they are offering 12 months free fraud protection. Regardless of whether or not your credit information was compromised, in this day and age, it’s probably smart to put a security freeze on your credit reports with all three of the major credit reporting agencies.

It’s a bit of a pain to place a security freeze on your reports because every time you want to apply for credit or a new loan you’ll have to unfreeze your reports. But, this is the only way to try to prevent someone from taking out loans or opening new credit cards in your name, thereby ruining your credit. It costs at most $10 each so it’s a small cost to try to be secure. Go to the following links to place security freezes on your credit reports.

You’ll receive a PIN that you must not lose. Without that PIN you won’t be able to unfreeze your credit reports. That PIN is the only thing, for the time being, that the people who committed the breach won’t have. Print it and keep it in a safe or someplace else that is secure.

In addition to putting freezes on your reports you should also make a regular practice of reviewing your credit card, checking, and other financial accounts online as well as downloading and keeping all your financial  statements. With Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, or even your local hard drive or removable storage media there really is no reason to not keep these documents. All my statements over a period of over a decade take up less than 200 MB of disk space. Should someone gain access to your accounts, particularly with bank accounts, and drain them statements will help prove what you had prior to any security breaches.

Use two-factor authentication where ever it’s offered. I use it with my Google accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, bank accounts, and any place else that allows it. Whenever possible I prefer to use a time based authenticator like Google Authenticator rather than SMS authentication because it’s more secure. SMS authentication less hassle but is better than nothing at all.

One more thing you should be doing. is using a password manager like Lastpass. Having separate complicated passwords for all your various logins will prevent someone from taking your information from one bank or social media service and using that to gain access to all your financial accounts. You’ll only have to remember one long password (mine is 39 characters long) and there are apps for iPhone and Android and browser extensions to make logging in as easy as possible.

Here are two articles on the Equifax breach if you’re interested.

Have the Democrats finally figured out that they can make a deal with President Trump?

Have the Democrats finally figured out that they can make a deal with President Trump?

President Donald Trump signaled he was open to making more deals with Democrats in Congress despite anger from fellow Republicans over a bipartisan agreement that passed the Senate Thursday yoking hurricane aid to an extension of the government’s ability to borrow.

For months, Mr. Trump has publicly mused about negotiating with Democrats, only to stop short. But Wednesday’s agreement on $15.25 billion in relief for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, combined with a three-month extension of the government’s funding and its borrowing limit, was followed by further outreach to Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.)

As he had Wednesday, on Thursday he singled out “Chuck and Nancy” by name when speaking to reporters, without mentioning their Republican counterparts.

I pointed this out way back in April when I blogged about Trump’s first 100 days. The Democrats in Washington don’t realize that they probably have a big ally in President Trump. If they are smart they will work with Trump, share the credit, and probably win big at the ballot box in 2018. I think this is why you’ve seen Senators Schumer and Feinstein and Congresswoman Pelosi moderate their tone regarding President Trump.

Meanwhile the Republican Party is in total disarray. Having been giant complainers for 8 years of President Obama and having legislative power for 6 they are showing today that all they wanted to do was complain. They should have had legislation ready to go to hit Trump’s desk. Now Trump is dealing with Democrats catching Republicans totally off guard. Does this put pressure on them to pass a bill regarding DACA?

From the Wall Street Journal

I really despise air travel.

I really despise air travel. Everything about it is unpleasant. And in my 50th year on the earth I now know why. Getting to the airport, checking in, going through security, sitting at the gate, flying in the sardine can, baggage claim, and renting a car all have to do with other people’s control over my movements. Life wasn’t supposed to be like this. I was promised my own flying car by the year 2000. It’s freaking 2017 let’s get this future stuff moving! 

The liberty of the road trip is all-American.

The liberty of the road trip is all-American.

Not much on Earth can beat the American road trip in travel for a sense of freedom—no pat-down, no passport, no airport muddle, just revving an engine and leaving at will. Though the driverless cars that await us might have their uses in dense city traffic or on tedious L.A. freeways, they will certainly diminish the exuberance of a driver gripping the wheel, flooring it and rejoicing, “Eat my dust.”


From the Wall Street Journal

Finally there’s an “organic” food product I can get behind.

Finally there’s an “organic food product I can get behind. On my next trip to Whole Foods or if they have them at Heinen’s expect me to grab a bag so I can be organic like the rest of the pretentious people.



Google forced to admit that fake web traffic is costing advertisers real money.

Google forced to admit that fake web traffic is costing advertisers real money. I’ve always thought that the ad revenue generated by Facebook, Google, and most other big Internet companies are mostly fake. Unless they publish the code for how they calculate clicks it’s all just secret sauce.

Google is issuing refunds for ads that ran on websites with fake traffic, people familiar with the situation said, as the web giant develops a tool to give marketers more transparency about the ads they buy through its platform.

In the past few weeks, the Alphabet Inc. unit has informed hundreds of marketers and ad agency partners about the issue with invalid traffic, known in the industry as “ad fraud.” The ads were bought using the company’s DoubleClick Bid Manager over the course of a few months this year, primarily in the second quarter.

Google’s refunds amount to only a fraction of the cost of the ads served to invalid traffic, which has left some advertising executives unsatisfied, the people familiar with the situation said. Google has offered to reimburse its “platform fee,” which ad buyers said typically ranges from about 7% to 10% of their total purchase.

From the Wall Street Journal