Song satirizing the Millennial Generation is a little too true me thinks.

This song apparently was created to open up talks about seeing past stereotypes, especially in regards to Millennials, but has seemingly had quite the opposite effect. It’s being picked up all over the place and I think it’s because the words ring a little too true.


Obviously my daughter gets her sense of style from her father… Right? Huh? Right?


In today's New York Times.


Dilbert explains me once again.

Godfrey sobs for 5 minutes because he was left alone.

What a galoot!

The Principle of Self-Ownership

Do you own yourself? Do we, as a nation, promote the principle of self-ownership? Historically we did but now we are drifting further and further away from that core principle that is truly the foundation of our country and our very existence.

Dr. Walter E. Williams hits it out of the park with his latest column. At 81 years old he’s still sharp as a tack.

My initial premise, when looking at all human issues, is that each of us owns himself. I am my private property, and you are your private property. If you agree with that premise, then certain human actions are moral and others immoral. The reason murder is immoral is that it violates private property. Similarly, rape and theft are immoral, for they, too, violate private property. Most Americans will agree that murder and rape violate people’s property rights and are hence immoral. But there may not be so much agreement about theft.

Dr. Walter E. Williams

I think I made too much soup.



These are my leftovers. After having a bowl.

I took Godfrey for a walk yesterday evening and what Coco does next will blow your mind!

No it won’t blow your mind. But I thought I’d employ one of the most used Internet click-bait headline phrases you’ll see today.

Prince memories


Melissa, Jenny, Matthew, and I got to see Prince perform on his Musicology Tour in 2004. I was able to get 2nd row seats for only $25 each. It was easily the best live performance I’ve ever seen.

Prince Just Died

Le Frenchie, Le Scratchie