My take on 100 days of President Trump

Here’s my opinion of President Trump’s first 100 days in office.

  • Don’t listen to what President Trump says instead watch what he does (true for all people everywhere)
  • President Trump has an entrepreneur’s approach to politics. That’s why he’s widely misunderstood and underestimated. You can’t tell an entrepreneur that they can’t do something because they always believe that they can.
  • President Trump’s and his business person’s mentality makes him want to get things done. They don’t care if they get everything they want they just want to get something accomplished. They don’t care about perfect they just want stuff to happen that moves things forward.
  • I scrutinize media coverage more than I ever did before. Media hatred for President Trump is so pervasive that it’s difficult to sort the facts of a story from the bias. The biggest case in point was the coverage of President Trump’s claim of being “wire tapped” by President Obama. EVERY SINGLE STORY regarding this had the phrase, “President Trump’s unsubstantiated claims”. I can’t remember a single time in recent history where this has happened in this manner. And the stories afterward of people in Trump’s campaign actually being caught up in surveillance (aka wire tapping) received coverage in the news as if Trump’s claim was now not substantiated. When President Obama made a claim it was reported as simply, “President Obama says…” When President Bush made a claim he always received the slightly negatively slanted, “President Bush claims…” But President Trump? He routinely gets the “unsubstantiated” label no matter what he says or what happens subsequently.
  • The practice of issuing executive orders should be banned or little used. It’s clear that our system was not designed for this type of legislating from the Oval Office. President Obama couldn’t, or wouldn’t, reach out to republicans so he decided to try to write laws himself. It doesn’t work this way and much of what he did, right or wrong, can now be wiped out with the stroke of a different pen.
  • The republican party are a bunch of dolts. They have an awesome opportunity to pass some legislation and are falling all over themselves to fight each other.
  • The democratic party are a bunch of dolts. They are so caught up in Trump hatred and polarizing politics that they can’t see that Trump is really a democrat and because of his willingness to “get things done” he will more than welcome support from the democrats. My guess is that if they wanted to move to single payer healthcare that now is the time. Trump will do it just to get it done.
  • President Trump may be the most malleable President we’ve ever had. It’s not that he’s wishy washy but that he is willing to listen to anyone and will do whatever  sounds good and reasonable in the moment. It’s not to say he doesn’t have core principles but to say that his core principle is to do something. Anything.

If the news media and the illustrious members of both political parties can get their collective heads out of their collective asses I think they’d be surprised what they could get done with a President Trump in office. I hope it doesn’t happen because I prefer a grid locked Washington D.C. When Washington doesn’t do anything that means the rest of us can live in peace. Happy 100 days people.

I’m guessing this columnist doesn’t like Chelsea Clinton

I’m guessing this columnist doesn’t like Chelsea Clinton. I’m also guessing that Chelsea is old enough now for the gloves to come off in the political ring.

Chelsea Clinton, most recently lionized on the cover of Vanity Fair, is a 37-year-old multi-millionaire who has never uttered an interesting word about any subject at any time during the course of her life. Judging from the evidence of her public statements, she has never had an original thought — it isn’t clear that she has had a thought at all. In tribute to her parents, she was given a series of lucrative sinecures, producing a smattering of sophomoric videos for NBC at a salary of $600,000 a year. She later went more formally into the family business, leaving her fake job at NBC for a fake job in her parents’ fake charity. She gave interviews about how she just couldn’t get interested in money and bought a $10 million Manhattan apartment that stretches for the better part of a city block.

And, since her mother’s most recent foray into ignominious defeat, she has been inescapable: magazine covers, fawning interviews, talk of running her in New York’s 17th congressional district. The Democrats are doing their best to make Chelsea happen.

And, who knows, it might work. It would be tempting to write her off as a know-nothing rich kid who has made a living off her family connections while operating one of the world’s most truly asinine Twitter accounts, but . . . well, you know.

But, for Pete’s sake, stop it. Have a little self-respect, Democrats. Build Bill Clinton a statue or . . . whatever. Send him your daughters like a bunch of bone-in-the-nose primitives paying tribute to the tribal chieftain. But stop trying to inflict this empty-headed, grasping, sanctimonious, risible, simpering, saccharine little twerp on American public life.

It’s stupid enough out there.

From the National Review

Tex-travaganza. After almost 20 years he flies again.

Tex-travaganza. After almost 20 years he flies again.

Godfrey (aka @galooteus_maximus) made this video for me on his Instagram. He thinks we’re friends. 

Is it me or is the Nexus 5X fragile?

Is it me or is the Nexus 5X fragile? I’ve owned many smartphones over the years and I’ve probably dropped them all at one time or another. The Nexus 5X is the only phone where I’ve damaged it or completely shattered the screen 4 times. Yes, I’ve destroyed 4 different Nexus 5Xs in less than a year. What is going on?

I can’t upgrade my phone just yet so I’m going to use a Nexus 5X that I was keeping as a spare because I dropped that one and cracked the glass that protects the camera lens. When I take pictures with this one there is an aberration across the picture from the light hitting the crack in the glass. We’re at the time of year when new phones are coming out month after month so I’ll be waiting for something that suits my needs.

I tried going back to my Samsung Galaxy S6 and went through the trouble of updating it and installing all my apps as well as moving all my 2nd factor authenticator crapola only to remember why I stopped using this phone. The battery was at 70% before I ever left the house in the morning and both the front and back are made of glass which makes the phone extremely slippery.

Here’s what I want in a smartphone. I want a phone the size and thickness of the orginal iPhone. That was a great size phone. It’s thick enough to have a great battery for the screen size an should be able to accommodate a great camera, USB C, and keep the 3.5mm headphone jack to boot. So if any manufacturer is reading this (because I always suspect they are) please make this custom phone for me. PLEASE! I hate almost all of the current crop of phones on the market.

Tesla’s market cap may be proof we’re in another stock/tech bubble

Tesla’s market cap may be proof we’re in another stock/tech bubble. GM sold more than 10 million cars and Telsa sold a little over 76,000 in 2016. Yet somehow Telsa’s market capitalization at some point went over GM’s. That means that Tesla, a company that is not profitable (was it ever?), is more valuable than GM. That’s a bunch of horseshit.

GM Sales from CNN Money

Telsa Sales from The Verge


Article: Uber is now banned in Italy for unfair competition

I’m DOOMED!!! Going grey early increases heart attack risk

I’m DOOMED!!! Going grey early increases heart attack risk.

Scientists have discovered that hair whitening can indicate an increased risk of damage to arteries supplying the heart with blood.

Some of the biological mechanisms driving coronary artery disease are also responsible for greying hair, they believe.

These include impaired DNA repair, oxidative stress, inflammation, hormonal changes and the halting of cell growth.

From The Telegraph

The U.S. striking Syria with missiles is precisely why President Trump should not have been elected.

The U.S. striking Syria with missiles is precisely why President Trump should not have been elected. Hillary Clinton would not have been any better. I’m betting she would have taken similar action. This is why I voted for Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson was adamant about staying out of these types of conflicts where no U.S. interests are at stake.

The questions we all should be asking is how is the U.S. military  to be used? What’s its purpose? Their purpose is to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. They do that by protecting American citizens, American assets, and American allies all over the world. What President Trump did was use the U.S. military as a police force as if we have the right to just bomb another country where there are no vital U.S. interests. This was a big mistake.

Congress needs to get off its ass and repeal the War Powers Act or amend it to say that the President does not have the power to use military force unless it is to protect American citizens, American assets, or American allies without the approval of Congress. The U.S. Constitution states that only Congress has the power to declare war.

People will say that we should act because of the use of chemical weapons. Where does that logic end? People are being killed, starved, enslaved, and abused all over Africa. Why aren’t we launching military strikes there? People still get stoned to death in Saudi Arabia. Stoned to death. Honestly. We don’t do a damned thing about that. North Korea has forced labor camps and regularly subjects its country’s children to hard labor. What do we do about that?

The United States is not and should not be the world’s police force.

California creates its problems with droughts.

California creates its problems with droughts.

Hydrologic records indicate that this year could be the wettest on record in California. Statewide snowpack measures 160% of average. Precipitation in Palm Springs exceeds the historic norm by more than 50%. Lo, the desert is actually blooming. Most of the major reservoirs in the north are full, and some are releasing hundreds of billions of gallons of water to prevent flooding and make room for the melting snowpack this spring.

While farmers and communities downstream can capture some of the discharges, millions of acre-feet will invariably flow into the ocean due to lack of storage capacity and rules to protect endangered fish species. One problem is that while the state population has increased 70% since 1979, storage hasn’t expanded. Water districts in southern California have developed small local reservoirs and groundwater basins, but what’s most needed is storage in the north where most of the rain and snow falls.

The Public Policy Institute of California estimates that five proposed reservoirs could add four million acre-feet of storage capacity at a cost of $9 billion. Yet environmentalists have opposed every significant surface storage project for three decades. The state is even razing four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River that green groups complain impede fish migration.

From the Wall Street Journal