Post-Thanksgiving Split Pea Soup


It’s the hominy that brings harmony to this soup. 😄

Coco hard at work in his office


The World is Godfrey’s Snow Cone


Sometimes a salad is the snack.


I’m an equal opportunity snacker. Man cannot live by BagelDog alone.

Someone told me I got married 29 years ago today… I think it was my wife. Happy Anniversary to my partner in crime.

Perfectly said. “We have become experts at treacly online mourning.”

Hashtags, profile picture filters, and tweets in support do about the same amount of good as me posting this to my blog. All it does is get shit off your chest and make yourself feel better.

Meanwhile, spare me the #PrayforParis hashtag. Forgive me if I’m unmoved by lighting world landmarks up in red, white and blue, or your putting a tricolor filter on your Facebook profile picture. And please don’t tell me, in the words of the designer Jean Jullien, that “in all this horror there’s something positive that people are coming together in a sense of unity and peace.”

Nothing positive comes from innocents getting shot down in cold blood for the offense of going to a concert on a Friday night. It there aren’t going to be more — and worse — attacks in our cities, the path ahead won’t be one of unity and peace. It will be the hard, thankless work of protecting civilization from its enemies.

Rich Lowry in the New York Post.

And so it begins… @ViennaBeef BagelDogs!


Vienna Beef BagelDog stuffed with pecorino, alfalfa sprouts, and sprinkled with Tabasco.

I can smell the @ViennaBeef BagelDogs through the box.


Just signed for this puppy. It’s going to be a grand feast of BagelDogs for my 29th wedding anniversary!


Prince is still tool cool for the room.

Who would have thought that AFTER the Internet it would be MORE difficult to buy Prince’s music. Still, this is an interesting article about a cool and strange dude.

When he sits back at the piano and plays Raspberry Beret and Starfish and Coffee and Girls and Boys, they’re beside themselves, and understandably so: he sounds magnificent. He plays covers of songs by of the Staples Singers and Chaka Khan, and a couple of funk jams with his band.

Then he invites the audience to come to the cinema and watch the new James Bond film with him, and vanishes before anyone can try take him up on the offer: presumably he’s gone home, wherever that is.

The Guardian