Potluck tacos

Take some leftover chicken breast, leftover tomato sauce, leftover green onion slices, some feta cheese and shove it all into some corn tortillas and you have a delicious bedtime snack. 

Is it wrong to laugh at this? https://youtu.be/w-HKSWf5xso

I just couldn’t help but laugh. At least the guy wasn’t hurt for my amusement. Happy Friday everyone!!!

Coco has decided to streamline his look

I told Godfrey (aka @galooteus_maximus) that he has a shot to be on the cover of Labrador Magazine if he would just stand still.

Is it responsible to disclose the U.S. nuclear launch response time? https://youtu.be/84cJdY8wkV8?t=34m2s

This disclosure alone should disqualify Hillary Clinton from being President of the United States. Not surprisingly nothing has been made of this casual release of what should be the utmost highly classified information. It shocked me when I heard it last night and I skipped around the video to find it for your viewing pleasure.  The video below should start at the beginning of her comments regarding what Hillary Clinton said of Donald Trump’s “cavalier and casual” attitude towards the use of nuclear weapons. If you only want the money clip forward to the 34:22 minute mark for our super secret response time.

Jeep wants to sell me a NAV update for $149.00?!? Well, I’m not buying.

wrangler-nav-updateJeep sends me this lovely offer to upgrade the NAV system in my Wranger via e-mail for the low low price of $149.00. Why on God’s green Earth would I spend $149.00 to update something that is constantly kept up-to-date on my cell phone? I wish instead that cars would have dumb screens where my cell phone is the brain and the screen becomes a mirror of my phone. That would actually be helpful technology.  Furthermore, since it costs tens of thousands of dollars to buy a car I think the cost of NAV updates should be built in for at least 100,000 miles.

What a joke.

I’m the best of both worlds… a skeptic AND a pessimist. I don’t believe it can get better than that. 

I’m the best of both worlds… a skeptic AND a pessimist. I don’t believe it can get better than that.

That debate made me hungry. @loumalnatis to the rescue! 

Just a light snack before bed. 

And now for something different. I’m just enjoying the shit out of this song this year. @chancetherapper https://youtu.be/i4ooH8frBWg

I must have listened to this and Chance the Wrapper’s album Coloring Book a million times this year.

I’m getting a Squatty Potty for everyone for Christmas. https://youtu.be/YbYWhdLO43Q

Softnserve straight from a sphincter. I scream you scream plop plop baby.