My last @ViennaBeef BagelDog: Bacon, cheddar, and clover sprouts for crunch.


November 28 is a mere 3 months away @jbae87 and @mkb123:

Eventually the world always comes around to my way of thinking.

6 month update: An old dog, his slightly older puppy, and a bag of poop


Don’t mess with us on our turf!


Maintenance done, wash done, wax done, and now she’s ready to ride again!


Google: What did you do to Hangouts?!? It really sucks.

Dear Google:

What the Hell have you done to Hangouts? Today I needed to send a simple SMS to my son. This should be simple enough, right? Well the experience was so awful that I finally had to remove Hangouts as my default messaging app. Here’s what happened.

I tapped the Hangouts icon to open the app. Then tapped on the little plus sign in the green circle to start a new message. All well and good to that point. Up pops a bunch of circles with some contacts. Two of those contacts are people I regularly message the third was not. My son should have been in that list as I almost daily communicate with him via SMS.

There is an icon that says, “New SMS”, so I tapped on that. Brings me to a screen for my contacts with a cursor at the top where I can type in a name, number or e-mail address. I begin to type my son’s name. His name is second in the list with a little note on the right that says “On Hanouts 6h ago”. Fine. I tap on my son’s name and it opens a screen to send him a message.  At the top, however, there is a message that says “Sending as (XXX) XXX-XXXX” and shows my Google Voice number. I don’t want to send the message with my Google Voice number. I want to use my carrier’s number.

I could not find any way to change it. I’m tapping around like a mad man trying to find the setting that will allow me to send the message with my number of choice. I’m sure it’s there somewhere but where it’s hidden I haven’t a clue and I shouldn’t have to work so hard to figure it out.

That is just one gripe that I have with Hangouts. I have many more but this one was the one that brought me to the realization that the app is a bloated piece of crap that doesn’t work well.

In case you’re reading this and wondering (I often fantasize that powerful people at Google look at my food and dog pictures in between reading my fabulously written technology opinions) I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android version 5.1.1 and Hangouts version 4.0.

Hangouts sucks right now and it’s unusable. Please fix it.


When can I say that I’m done?

I want to be done. Done as in done. Done. Can I be done? Please? DONE!Done

Gluten free faddists are messing things up for the celiacs. via @WSJ

Time for another puppy pool day!