It’s 100% humidity in the pool.

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What a galoot! 

Please let’s all stop misusing the word “hack” 

What the entire Internet calls “hacks” are merely tips. Tips for doing one thing or another. They are not hacks. 

You can’t hack a grocery list. 

You can’t hack a bachelor pad. 

You can’t hack your lunch. 

You can’t hack your life. 

You can’t hack furniture from Ikea. 

You can’t hack your savings. 

You can’t hack beauty. 

You can’t hack Disney World. 

You can’t hack your office. 

You can’t hack Amazon Prime. 

You can’t hack your productivity. 

Stop the fucking madness! 

Godfrey likes to watch the Incredible Dog Challenge Tour in his spare time. 

The Mark of Zorro is one of Godfrey’s Favorite films. He’s a big fan of Tyrone Power

What happened in Dallas, on both sides of the protest yesterday, is not going to help

Gunman targeting police officers assigned to keep the peace surrounding a protest killed 5 police officers and wounded many others. The killing of police that had nothing to do with the shootings in Minnesota or Louisiana will certainly only make matters worse.

Speaking of making matters worse… the police in Dallas cornered one man in a parking lot and after a lengthy gun battle and stand-off the police sent in a robot with a bomb and killed the man.

However, Dallas Police Chief David Brown confirmed the death of one gunman, later identified by CBS News as of 25-year old Micah Xavier Johnson of Mesquite, the suspect that police cornered in a parking garage at El Centro College in the downtown area immediately following the shooting.

According to Brown, police cornered Micah Johnson and negotiated with him for several hours. When talks broke down –  they exchanged gunfire with the man. At that point, police sent in a remote vehicle and detonated a bomb – ultimately killing him.

I know the police officers were in danger and at risk of death and returning gunfire is one thing but sending in a bomb by robot to blow the man up? From the news report it seems that the gunman was cornered and had nowhere to go. Why couldn’t they wait him out? When did the police turn into executioners?

The public needs people like this gunman to be apprehended and brought to justice through the court system.

CBS News in Dallas

This shit has got to stop.

The police killings of two black men, one in Minnesota and the other in Louisiana, may be more prime examples of how the police are increasingly becoming the adversaries of the general public an deadly adversaries of people who are black.

Granted the videos of both incidents don’t show everything but they show enough. Police seem to be looking to shoot first and ask questions later. Yes, police officers’ lives are on the line every time they go out on the streets and I’m sure most police officers are good people that want to “serve and protect” their communities. But, they are not conscripted into service. They voluntarily apply for the positions and are paid to do the job of keeping the peace. You can’t keep the peace when a portion of your police force commits crimes against the public. Officers who are complicit in covering up crimes by other officers should suffer a similar fate as those officers.

Imagine being a black person that is stopped by the police while driving a car. You don’t know what to expect or how hostile the police officer is going to be. You can’t take for granted that he’ll just process your traffic stop like any other and let you on your way. You don’t know how to act, how you’re supposed to look at this officer, or what signals you might accidentally send that tell this officer that he/she needs to draw their gun. You’re in a no win situation and totally subservient to the whims of the police. You can’t take a chance or speak up for yourself for fear of being killed.

If the general public, and in particular black people, view the police with fear then we’re all living in a powder keg that is about to blow. This situation isn’t safe for anyone.

This shit has got to stop.

New Video Emerges of Alton Sterling Being Killed by Baton Rouge Police

The story behind the filming of the fatal Baton Rouge police shooting. It was no coincidence.

Minn. governor says race played role in fatal police shooting during traffic stop

Two Dallas Police Officers Shot After Downtown Rally, March: Patrolman

What to do with 1 1/2 brats and 4 brat buns? 

Add 2 eggs,  3 mushrooms, and some feta cheese then use the last bun for peanut butter and jelly. That makes a delicious and satisfying bedtime snacksnack! 

Godfrey is not the least bit impressed that the White Sox are beating the Yankees today. 

When did “food tribes” become a thing?