Today was my birthday!



Just recapping tonight’s network news.

Listening to the top new artist of 1985 #whitneyhoustondebutalbumonvinyl


Just bought a turntable with a built-in amplifier and a Bluetooth transmitter and showing my hash tag hate with a super long one.

Who would have thought the Bears would be leading the Packers at the half?!?


Apple just invented the animated GIF

Apple just invented “press and hold” on smart phones.

I sincerely hope there is a “One More Thing” moment. This is a pretty boring event. @apple

Apple so far has invented the Microsoft Surface, the Microsoft Touch Cover, the Microsoft Surface Pen, and the Amazon Fire TV. I think time is here that I stop watching Apple’s announcement live.

Apple invents the Microsoft Surface and the Amazon Fire TV!

Microsoft presenting at an Apple event. End of the world arriving shortly.

Livestream of today’s Apple event for the first time on non-Apple platform.

I’m not an Apple user but I do pay attention to their company and their products. Today there will be product announcements from Apple and I usually watch/listen to their presentations using some pirate stream, a link to the feed that will play in VLC, or through (The last one is not my preferred method as they have live commentary over the presentation).

Apple Event

I did my usual search for a feed and I was flabbergasted to discover that for the very first time the event could be watched without an Apple device. If you look at the graphic above directly from Apple’s web site at you can see that anyone with Windows 10 using the Microsoft Edge browser can watch the event. SHOCKING!!!

Whether this was Apple relaxing its policies or Microsoft finally just adding the correct Apple protocol doesn’t really matter. What matters is that there are fewer hoops for me to jump through. Life is better when all the tech companies play nice together.