@Microsoft… I could punch you in the teeth if you had any. Forced Windows 10 upgrades are wasting tons of my time!

Windows 10 SucksMy business uses Windows machines. Most of them are simply stand alone machines that run accounting software and/or Office. I’ve been battling this stupid Upgrade to Windows 10 piece of shit that is embedded into Windows Update. I’ve declined the upgrade hundreds of times by now. I’ve used 3rd party software to disable it. But yet, time and time again, Windows re-enables the ability to automatically upgrade my machines.

This is the most insidious thing a major software company has ever done that I can recall. This is just as bad as a virus or other malware that is unwanted and can’t be disabled or removed.  If I were a litigious person I’d attempt to launch a class action lawsuit just to recover lost hours battling this bullshit.

July 29, 2016 can’t come quickly enough.

For those who don’t know, Never10 is the best utility so far to battle Microsoft’s assault on your Windows machines.

That crazy long tongue…


I have a giant crotch monster


Headline reads: “Why Asian Americans are the healthiest Americans” Then never tells you why.

File this under stupid headlines and pointless stories.

Asian American adults — especially Chinese American adults — are more physically and psychologically healthy than other U.S. adults, according to Centers for Disease Control data released Thursday.
The report gave no explanation for why these differences might exist, concluding that more research was needed to understand them.

But, on the positive side at least half of me is part of the group of healthiest Americans. The other side is a dying decrepit mess. I look in the mirror and I can’t tell the difference.


Kanye West is either a mad genius or just plain mad

Genius or not. Crazy or not. One thing I’m comfortable with saying regarding Kanye West is that he is certainly experiencing a different plane of existence from the rest of us. Somehow this man is trapped between two parallel universes.

Google I/O and our disconnected future

As I was watching the keynote address at today’s Google I/O developers conference I was taken aback at how Google sees the future. Through connecting us all together they actually succeed in disconnecting us from each other.

Google Home – Google is depicting a typical morning for a family of four in which only around twenty five words are spoken between four people as they get ready for their day. The video starts innocently enough with the dad playing music.

As you watch this video keep in mind that the family mostly doesn’t communicate with each other directly. They are using Google as a go between for everything. I know this is a demo trying to show off a device’s capabilities but what this demonstrates to me is how technology is disconnecting us from being human.

It’s a full :41 seconds into this demo video until one family member actually speaks to another. The daughter walks in and says, “morning” followed by the dad saying, “morning”. What a beautiful heartwarming interaction.

Next at :48 seconds the mom walks in to the kitchen and asks the daughter, “I thought you finished that already”, referring to the daughter’s homework. Which she obviously didn’t finish purposely and the parents were to busy with something else to notice. The daughter coyly says that she forgot and then whispers to the Google Home device, “Okay Google, what’s apples in Spanish.” In my mind, she’s cheating on her homework because otherwise why would she whisper. The funny thing is though that the Google Home device does not whisper back so her mother and father should have admonished her for cheating or at least inquired as to if she is in fact cheating.

The mom asks Google if her package shipped and the dad turns around saying, “Oooooo is that for me?” The mom replies with a smirk, “Maybe.” The dad then looks at his wife with a suspicious look and says, “Interesting.” What the hell is this interaction? If the mom was going to receive something that is a gift for the dad wouldn’t she have brains enough to not ask the Google Home device in the middle of the kitchen in front of her husband?

Next, the son finally makes his way to the rest of the family but doesn’t say a word to anyone except the Google Home device. He asks, “How many stars in our galaxy?’ Then asks, “Which star is the closest?” Google gives him presumably the correct answers. Then he asks, “Can you show me what it looks like on the TV?” And the Google Home device complies.

In between all of this the mom gets a notification that her flight is delayed and rearranges her schedule with the device and the dad gets traffic information and the device automatically re-routes his trip and sends it to his phone.

The dad then says to his family, “Let’s go!” The mom, dad, and daughter meet at the front door with the son lagging behind. The son says, “Dad!”, and the family turns to him and notice he’s dressed a little funny. In fact, the son is dressed in an astronaut’s costume. So the dad says to the Google Home device, “Hey Google? What’s on the calendar today?” Google informs him that the first event is “Space Day” at the son’s school and that it’s at 8 am. The dad says, “Space day, are you ready buddy?” The son replies with, “Ready”. Then out the door they go.

Really?!? The dad asks his son if he’s ready for Space Day while the kid is dressed in a full on astronaut costume! How fucking disconnected can this guy be?

This is not the future we should want.


Corinne Bailey Rae is back with her sneaky soul https://youtu.be/KmFMwGycBd0

Congrats to Chris Sale… 8 – 0!


ID required now for everything except voting.

I went to make a cash deposit into a business account at Bank of America today and had to show my ID in order for them to accept the deposit. How does this make sense? I’m putting money in not taking money out! 

To make matters more ridiculous the amount I was depositing was a mere $500, which is tiny for a business deposit. The teller at the drive through asked me if I had a debit card and tried to inform me that I could make that deposit at the ATM (no fucking duh!). I informed her that I didn’t trust the machine to take 25 $20 bills without jamming.

I then asked when this policy changed and she told me January 2016. I had no idea since we rarely deposit cash.

So, what sense does it make that I need to produce ANY form of ID to deposit $500 into a bank account but yet I can go and vote for the people who run the country with no ID at all?

We’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole. I need to get out of  Wonderland.

Godfrey is unsuccessful in his attempt to get Coco to play. https://youtu.be/cuBra8yAf4A

I apologize in advance for the video being in portrait mode. I hastily grabbed my phone in the effort to capture the chewing before it was over. When Godfrey wants to play he chews on Coco’s legs, chest, and head. If Coco is not in the mood he either tries to ignore Godfrey or he gets mad and kicks Godfrey’s ass. No action today as Coco was too chill.