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Three Forks Trail, Clayton, Georgia

I went on a 7.7 mile hike with my dog Godfrey this past Thursday morning. It was a perfect early spring day with temps in the 50s. The Alltrails app describes the trail as 6.7 miles but my stats showed we traveled 7.7. I don’t know if their app stats are wrong or the trail description is wrong. It could be their trail description is off because the trail used to be a loop and now it’s an out & back because the part where it’s supposed to loop around is overgrown now. It didn’t matter because it was a great hike.

The trail was pretty easy in the beginning because it was mostly flat. When you get near Three Forks, though, it’s all down hill to the water. That means it’s a pretty good trek back uphill on the way back. It rained the day before we went so some of the early parts of the trail were a little muddy but not bad enough to make it nasty.

The biggest obstacle is at the very beginning. There is a stream crossing that is calf deep. So you either have to tight rope walk over a log or rock hop across. I first attempted to go over the log but the rain the day before made it a little slippery because it’s covered in moss. So rather than be humbled by tumbling off a log I decided to rock hop. I made it across pretty easily without dipping a single toe in the water.