Kevin Bae

Non-Social in a Socially Networked World

The FBI is harassing citizens regarding their social media posts

A woman in Stillwater, Oklahoma was confronted and harassed by the FBI over posts she made on Facebook in support of Palestine. The Agent’s refused to identify themselves on camera. They would not show their badges or ID to the woman while she recorded them. Instead they said they already showed their credentials when they came to the door but she insists she did not have a good look at them while she was coming out of her house.

If this is all true this is disturbing on a bunch of levels. First, FBI agents have no business confronting anyone about simple posts on Facebook unless an actual crime is being committed. The agent says she didn’t do anything wrong and that’s why they’re not arresting her. Then why the harassment?

Second, the agents say Facebook reported her to the FBI about her posts. Why didn’t Facebook contact her directly first? What is Facebook doing submitting user information to the FBI without a warrant?

Third, the agents looked like they were accompanied by an attorney. What was the purpose of this person? The reason I say this is there was a woman with them who was not dressed as they were. These guys were dressed in plain clothes. This wasn’t Mulder and Scully dressed like professionals in suits. These guys looked like roofing contractors.

We have a deep rot in our country when law enforcement is so bold as to harass people for their speech. This is illegal and unwanted from our government. If she did nothing wrong, as they say in this video, then they have no business coming to her home for any reason.