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  • Google’s Project Glass Is Freaking Cool

    Google’s Project Glass Is Freaking Cool

    If Google can pull this off this would be incredible. Here are  my initial thoughts after watching the video below: How much would this cost How many people are going to get hit by cars watching the screen in front of their face Obviously it’s bluetooth or something like it otherwise you can’t connect to…

  • Can We Trust Bitcasa?

    Can We Trust Bitcasa?

    I finally received my invite to join Bitcasa. I couldn’t even remember that I had signed up for the beta. In fact, it has been so long since I signed up that I had to research them to make sure the invitation wasn’t a scam. If you don’t already know, Bitcasa purports to be a…

  • Loyalty Program Via Facebook App – Good or Bad Idea?

    is looking to enter the US market with a loyalty program for smaller retailers that’s tied to a customer’s Facebook account. Seems like this is a good idea for Facebook and the retailer but is this is good for the consumer? The way the system works is this: the online retailer integrates BonusBox’s software-as-a-service tool…