Mental Contrasting is All the Rage

An article in the New York Times titled, “The Problem With Positive Thinking”, pops the balloon of people who subscribe to the power of positive thinking. Turns out you need a little pessimism in order to better realize your goal. 

This explains why I get nowhere because I have the pessimism just not the positivity.

Homemade Chocolate Covered Chestnuts


Fresh chestnuts from downstate Illinois roasted, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with coarse salt. Made by me :D.


Below is a gallery of photos of the block where I grew up in Chicago. These pictures were taken shortly before my side of the block was completely demolished for a strip mall.

Created with flickr slideshow.

I lived in an industrial area and the street in front of my house and to the south was filled with factories. It was great because in the evenings and on the weekends the street was empty enough to throw a ball or ride a bike.

We also had a unique feature that most other blocks didn’t have. It was a parking lot in the center of the block that was for Paschen Construction employees (they had an office building that anchored the northwest part of the block) and we used that as our park and playground. I don’t think they were too happy about it in the beginning but I think they eventually came to accept us. Back then they would have had to post a guard 24/7 or perhaps employed a guard dog to keep us out. I think these days they would just set up surveillance cameras and have us arrested for trespassing. We never vandalized anything and only used the parking lot to ride out bikes and play football and baseball. In fact, I like to believe that because we were in there so often it probably reduced any amount of crime or theft they would have experienced otherwise.

I really loved that block and still miss it today.

Announcing Bob Aid 2015

Bob AidHelp Bob fight the ravages of Cushing’s Disease today!

Bob Sacamano, the scrappy little Dachshund, has been diagnosed with the dreaded Cushing’s Disease. We thought Bob just had a voracious appetite for life but instead it turns out he actually has an illness. Even with this condition, Bob with the help of his owner Matthew, was able to shed half his weight in less than one year’s time. He’s now svelt and ready to face this disease head on.

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Sometimes you wake up in the morning and receive the great news that you’re not alone in this world.

The problem, people, is not with me. It’s time to take a step back and ask when — and why — it became common practice to bypass all the steps of getting to know someone and move straight to the hug.

POTUS To Have a Meeting on Ebola Response

Thank goodness! Now we don’t have to worry about anyone on American soil getting infected… Oooops.