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Update: Nurije Fype slowly improving after court ordered Illinois hospital to administer Ivermectin

I blogged about this story earlier in the month and kept searching for updates on the story. The news media dropped this like a hot potato but I think they should have done some follow up. Are they afraid that Ivermectin might be a viable treatment? Cut to the chase… Nurije Fype is slowly improving and we wish her a complete and speedy recovery. The news should not be ignoring her story.

Since I could not find any updates I tweeted, John Keilman, a Chicago Tribune columnist that covered the story to see if he heard anything.

He responded to me and said he didn’t have an update because it’s out of the court system and there was no public information. I would show you his reply but it seems he deleted his reply. He must have checked out my Twitter account or my blog and determined I’m a nut case pushing anti-vax sentiments. I’m not anti-vaccine I’m just anti-experimental vaccine for a virus where over 99.9% of people survive.

Not expecting a reply from the reporter I tweeted the daughter of the woman in the hospital. I asked her directly if there was an update on her mom and she was kind enough to reply

I was happy to hear that their efforts resulted in their mom beginning to recover. The news should be following up on this to let people know. But, I guess they’re not interested in good news. God forbid another treatment other than a vaccine works against COVID-19. I sent Ms. Fype’s reply to Mr. Keilman to let him know there was an update. I’d show you my tweet to him and his reply but it all disappeared when he deleted his original reply.

Why would a reporter delete tweets that were absolutely benign? This is why there is mistrust in the media. The media ignored the story after the controversy was over. It took me, some dude with a blog, to reach out to the family to ask how things were going. I think the Chicago Tribune can afford some space for a blurb about this story with an update.





3 responses to “Update: Nurije Fype slowly improving after court ordered Illinois hospital to administer Ivermectin”

  1. Geneva Ayte Avatar
    Geneva Ayte

    So happy you posted this. I do not have a Twitter or Facebook account. If they are putting her through breathing trials, this means they are WEANING HER OFF THE VENTILATOR. And the trachea is going to be inserted so that as she goes on and off the ventilator during the weaning period, they don’t have to keep shoving the ventilator down her throat. This is excellent news. I wonder if besides the Ivermectin, if she received the full MATH_ Hospital Treatment protocol as put forth by the FLCCC Alliance.
    Thank you for this information on this mother and daughter! It is the best news!

    1. Kevin Avatar

      Geneva, yes it’s good news that she is improving! I wish local Chicago media would have kept up with her story too!

  2. Chris Avatar

    Wonderful news and thank you for “circling back” on this issue.