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Coca-Cola wants to hug you with “Real Magic”

I hate bullshit marketing so much. Coca-Cola unveiled it’s new slogan “Real Magic” and the new logo they’ll use in advertising. It’s called the “Hug” logo. It’s just the same logo curved to look as if it is on a can. It’s stupid.

Here’s a little blurb from their press release that turns my stomach.

The platform is built from lessons of the last 18 months: that we can find magic all around us when we come together in unexpected moments that elevate the everyday into the extraordinary. It also acknowledges the many contradictions experienced as new generations find harmony and human connection in a virtual and divided world.

The Coca-Cola Company Unveils New Global Brand Platform for Coca-Cola Trademark :: The Coca-Cola Company (KO)

Tell this bullshit to the people getting beaten and arrested on the streets of Australia for not wearing a fucking mask. This kind of marketing is just blind to the world in which we find ourselves. We’re locked in a slow battle for liberty where governments of the world want to make you a criminal for not wearing a mask or taking a vaccine in which people under the age of 70 have an infection fatality rate of less than 0.003%. We’re all supposed to forget that government is trampling our freedom to get a fucking hug from Coke?

Look at this stupid promo for their upcoming ad campaign.

Contrast that video above with the video below from Australia.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay