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  • Sats and Sounds Episode 3 –  2023.09.04

    Sats and Sounds Episode 3 – 2023.09.04

    I’m not a DJ and I never played one on TV. Never the less, I launched a new web site and podcast called Sats and Sounds. Every week I play three songs that are Value4Value enabled. It’s a quick hit three track listen with independent artists you may not have heard before. They’re songs I…

  • Vivek “like cake” Ramaswamy

    Vivek “like cake” Ramaswamy

    Vivek Ramaswamy posted his own fact check page. And it’s pretty good. It rebuts almost all the criticisms Ramaswamy has been getting since his breakout debate performance. I hope his campaign keeps it updated because I’m sure more knives are going to come out. Value4Value Vivek Ramaswamy Fact Check Page. I know people are suspicious…

  • Anxiety industry giving me anxiety

    Anxiety industry giving me anxiety

    Value4Value The Wall Street Journal had an article discussing the booming business of anxiety treatment and how anxiety diagnoses are rising. Americans are anxious—and a flurry of old-line companies, upstarts and opportunistic entrepreneurs aim to fill the demand for relief. Anxiety has come into focus across the country in part due to the stress of the…

  • Ramaswinging at China

    Ramaswinging at China

    Episode 31 – August 21, 2023 I was watching the video below of Vivek Ramaswamy at The Richard Nixon Foundation where he laid out his thoughts on China and Taiwan. He’s getting hammered a bit from Republicans but I think it’s possible his proposal may be smart. You can watch his speech below or just…

  • Music Mondays… for now

    Music Mondays… for now

    I’m going to do a little tiny music podcast. Podcast Index and Podcasting 2.0 have developed the technology that allows listeners to pay artists as they listen to their music. This is an end run around the music licensing racket that has ruined music since record companies were founded. The companies make all the money…

  • Back to RSS

    Back to RSS

    We need to get away from the social media platforms and get back to RSS. The web and the Internet are the platforms. RSS is the protocol for the decentralization everyone craves.