Where do we go from here?

We’re all nuts. Fueled by a media that has no interest to keep us informed rather than inflamed.

Does President Trump deserve some blame for what’s happening right now? Sure. But he’s not solely to blame. The majority of the blame, in my opinion, goes to our media. They let their hatred for one man drive them into hysteria for 4 years. They could not believe that anyone could support him even though almost half the country does. That short circuit in their brains caused them to deride those people and we’re all paying the price.

I will be shocked if Joe Biden makes it to the end of one term. Heck, I’ll be amazed if he makes it beyond the first year. His speech while the capitol protests were happening showed a man that is in rapid decline. He doesn’t have the mental capacity to handle any of this and we are a short walk to the first woman president. A woman that couldn’t even make it to the first primary election because she was so disliked by her own party. That is not a good thing.

Will the allegations about the election ever get their day in the sun or will it all get swept under the rug post-inauguration day? If they don’t get resolved will we see a round 2?

Here’s what I hope will happen. I hope the media in the U.S. takes a huge hit from this. I don’t see how half the country will continue to trust them when virtually everything that is reported is slanted to fit an agenda. A person can take any news story and remove the bias to reveal the truth. But it takes work. Most people don’t even read past the headline or the first paragraph to get at the details. TV news is a cesspool of misinformation. They’ve become quite good of showing you something and telling you the opposite is happening. I think that type of persuasion confuses the crap out of people that aren’t willing to look at the cold dry facts rather than the sensationalism.

Social media companies and big tech have revealed themselves to be bad actors as well. They are not platforms for free speech and communication. When they plug their editorials about what is and isn’t fact onto someone’s opinion. They deserve to be treated as a publisher rather than a platform.

We’re not being served properly by old media or social media and their power to persuade needs to be dampened. There is hope in the Internet as a platform rather than the content silos. Technologies are being developed that use the Internet as a true platform where speech can continue to be open and free. Over the next 10 to 15 years I can see the future of a more federated independent media that can’t be de-platformed by advertisers or big tech.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay