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Stay safe and stay home

This is just a test call time to stay home. Stay safe and stay home.

Listen to the voicemail message I received 3 times over the last 2 days. The calls came from a number that is spoofing my area code and prefix. What is the purpose of this baloney? Has anyone else received these?

For some strange reason now I feel compelled to stay safe and stay home!






2 responses to “Stay safe and stay home”

  1. Paula Avatar

    Kevin Bae, I was scrolling through news articles on Google and landed on your farewell to Chicago article. All the best to you, sorry to here it. Taxes should not be the driving force behind why people choose to leave a place that they have always called home! It’s sad. It’s sickening really. Most of my family has done the same thing. We’ve thought about it but haven’t reached the point of no return…yet.

    I plan to share this piece with my daughter, who is in high school. She sees only the surface of issues; coupled with a president that cannot seem to control himself.

    Thanks for sharing the overview of Chicago’s politics. Your statement here summed it up! I appreciate your insight. “Trump, on the other had, says all kinds of stuff that I don’t agree with or that I think would be better off unsaid. But, his actions on things that matter helped the country a great deal. It helped all the country and not just the wealthiest at the top.” Yep, I totally agree! Good luck to you!

    1. Kevin Avatar

      Thanks for the kind words Paula!