From America First to America Last

As Biden prepares his administration we are moving from principals of America first back to America last. These people are all globalists and the worst of the worst, John Kerry, has been resurrected from political obscurity where he truly belongs.

Mr. Biden’s choices of Antony Blinken to run the State Department and Jake Sullivan as national security adviser will reassure world leaders discomfited by Mr. Trump’s disruption. Mr. Blinken has worked with Mr. Biden for years, which will give him significant policy influence. Mr. Sullivan worked with Hillary Clinton at the State Department and would have had a major job had she won the Presidency.

Both are mainstream liberal internationalists who believe in working on behalf of U.S. interests through multilateral institutions. They favor U.S. leadership as long as it is channeled through the United Nations, NATO and traditional alliances. To borrow a phrase from the Obama era, they favor leading from behind. They’re also enamored with arms control, and Mr. Sullivan criticized Mr. Trump’s withdrawal from the 1987 nuclear arms treaty with Russia despite blatant Kremlin cheating.

The big disappointment is John Kerry as a cabinet-level special envoy for climate. As a negotiator, Mr. Kerry never drives a hard bargain, as his Iran nuclear deal showed. His cabinet status suggests that climate will be a special negotiating priority rather than one issue among many in foreign policy.
Technology Thoughts

Election interference is real… and it seems to be Google

I have never clicked on the vote reminders from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Prior to the election all those services annoyed me to no end with prompts about the election. Turns out maybe I should have checked this out because Google, at the very least, has been subtly steering people towards liberal candidates. In fact, using over 700 people to conduct searches just days before the election it is revealed that Google only sent reminders to vote to those that leaned towards liberal candidates.

The above video is from Dr. Robert Epstein on November 9, 2020. He reveals how Google, through search, steers elections towards liberals. He previously testified before Congress pertaining to the 2016 election where he revealed his analysis about how Google pushed people to Hillary Clinton.

The presentation is a little dry but very revealing as to how the public is being manipulated.


Media disinterest in voter fraud and irregularities is irresponsible and harmful to the republic

I just watched a press conference by the Trump Campaign and the Republican Party. There are many serious allegations regarding the vote in Pennsylvania and Michigan. The Republican Party in Michigan have affidavits from people alleging fraud. They have a whistleblower from the City of Detroit alleging back dating of ballots.

Maybe it’s true and maybe it isn’t. But, why is the media so disinterested in this story? They seem to only like “whistleblowers” when it fits their political ideology. Why are they not assisting in investigating reports of voter fraud and election officials refusal to follow their own rules for elections? There is more evidence here for fraud and abuse than there ever was with the Trump/Russia collusion allegations.

This is bad for the country. The media is basically a pseudo arm of the Democrat Party and the politics of the progressives. How can we expect to get the real story when they won’t even approach it? We’re left to hope that the courts take this seriously and the cases get moved through the system in rapid fashion.

We won’t know what is true or not until this gets sorted out.


5 good things that happened for republicans this election

Regardless of Trump winning or losing (I hope he continues the fight and smashes the crap out of the current systems of handling elections) there were many good things Trump did for the Republican Party. They only have Trump to thank for this and if they don’t continue Trump’s agenda they may lose

  1. An expanded Republican voter base
  2. Instead of a blue wave there was a red tide
  3. Trump forever exposed media bias
  4. Trump exposed big tech’s bias
  5. Trump’s coattails allowed Republicans to make gains in state legislatures

What will the Republican Party do should Trump not prevail with his legal challenges? My guess, since establishment republicans largely hated Trump as much as the democrats, they will squander all that was gained. They will go back to their old playbook and in the mid-term elections the blue wave that was averted will arrive.

When Republicans look at their own foot they for some unknown reason take aim and shoot.


Trump exposed “The Swamp” for what it is

I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 but did last Tuesday. I still don’t like him on a personal level but believe he is better for the country than Biden. I have tremendous respect for his ability to fight. He has been attacked by the entire establishment. The media. The Republicans. The a Democrats. The Justice Department. The entire administrative apparatus of the United States. All the knives were out and none could penetrate his thick skin. I now hope he’s able to pull the facade off the early voting, mail-in ballots (not absentee), and electronic voting machines and expose them for the fraud vectors they are.

I never thought I would say this. But President Trump is what this country needs.

This election proves that voting needs to be simplified and less technological. New technology isn’t always an improvement. Any “mail-in” voting needs to be absentee voting where a ballot is requested and can more easily be verified. Counting of votes by mail should be on a regular schedule as they arrive (maybe weekly) and added to the count on election day. No votes by mail accepted after the polls close on election day. Get rid of “provisional ballots” and same day registration. Perhaps even make the national election day a national holiday eliminating any arguments that people can’t make it out to vote. Any computer software needs to be open source and regularly audited for legitimacy and security. ID must be required to vote. Uniform rules for voting and process can be made by Congress but need to also allow for local control of the process due to differences in geography and density.

Trump shouldn’t have tried to drain the swamp. He should have gone scorched earth and burned it all down. A wildfire sometimes brings a much healthier and robust forest when the damage is done.


Straddling worlds is very confusing

Mainstream news outlets and non-traditional news sites show Americans are living in parallel universes. They meet at the nexus of events but veer off onto one side or the other. Same facts different beliefs and those of us that pay attention to both sides are very confused.

I read the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, and now the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. All three have reporting that show Joe Biden as a shoe-in to win the Presidency. Columnists in all three papers are already measuring the drapes for the Oval Office. But if you watch a Trump rally or watch YouTubers and listen to podcasters that are covering your average person they swear the media is once again wrong and Trump will pull off a landslide win. One thing I don’t do is regularly watch TV news. It’s bad for your health. I see it in drips and drabs but I refuse to watch entire TV news programs as they have perfected the art of persuasion with their use of video. It’s propaganda at its finest.

Coverage of COVID-19 on TV news and in print covers a massive increase in confirmed cases and areas of the country that are reporting an increase in hospitalizations. But, if you pay attention to scientists and doctors on Twitter, Podcasts, and YouTube they show how while confirmed cases have spiked the death rate is practically non-existent. They also point to news in scientific publications that say the current testing method is flawed and producing positive results on people who are absolutely not capable of spreading the virus. The PCR tests amplify the RNA sample exponentially each cycle that is run and we’re running US tests at 45 cycles when it is recommended to run them no more than 30 to 35 cycles.

So, it may be true that confirmed cases are up. It may also be true in some places hospitalizations are up. But it is also true that deaths from COVID-19 are declining. Are we being subjected to fear porn from media outlets that want Trump removed from office?

On the subject of social distancing and masks. There are a lot of opinions by doctors and scientists on both sides of the issue. Common sense tells me that masks probably work to protect people that might be vulnerable and that masks are largely pointless for everyone else. If you are carrying the virus but are asymptomatic, which it appears the case for the vast majority of people infected, you are not likely to spread the virus because you’re not coughing, sneezing, or otherwise spewing spittle into the air. That is the approach Sweden took with the virus and they’re living life normally now while the rest of the world is still in hysteria. Perhaps that’s why they’re ignored on TV and in print.

Election season is a hell of a mess. I was entertained by it in 2016. I didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton then. I voted for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. But this time around there is so much concentrated hatred towards one man. Hatred makes people irrational and they seem willing to sacrifice our protected liberties just to get him removed.

I don’t know what to think. This time around I voted for Trump. Mostly for economic reasons and my abhorrence of the Democratic Party’s push for globalism and the Green New Deal. I also believe Joe Biden is being abused by his party. They’re using his life-long desire to be President for their own ends. They don’t care about his cognitive decline and are moving heaven and earth to push him across the finish line.

I hope Trump wins.


New York Times preys on American ignorance on business and tax law

The New York Times’ is misleading the public on President Trump’s tax returns because the editors know most Americans know nothing about how business works and how tax law works. If you have ever owned a business or was at least in control of a business you would know that everything the NYT is “exposing” is normal course of business and there really isn’t anything you can truly glean about Trump’s true wealth from what they are showing.

The share of all tax returns subject to an audit declined by 46 percent from 2010 to 2018, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Astonishingly, the decline was even steeper for millionaires — the audit rate fell 61 percent over the same period.

Hmmm… wasn’t Barack Obama President in 2010??
The New York Times

What I’d like to see is an audit of the NYT, it’s editors, as well as President Trump. Let’s see who is taking advantage of the tax code the best!

Everyone should be trying to pay as little in taxes as possible and using every part of the tax law to their advantage. To do anything less is stupid.


3 Reasons to Vote for Trump on November 3rd


President Obama’s economy was excruciatingly slow and stagnant for the lower 99% of the country. That’s the reason shortly after Trump was elected in 2016 that the stock market took off like a rocket and the U.S. economy’s growth accelerated. There was all this pent up demand and the entire US economy gave a huge exhale of relief once President Obama was gone.

It was best put in the Wall Street Journal today:

The Obama-Biden policy mix of easy monetary policy, higher taxes and hyperregulation skewed economic gains toward highly educated workers in industries such as tech and finance at the expense of other workers; toward asset owners at the expense of labor income; and toward larger companies at the expense of smaller. These inequities began to unwind under the Trump Administration.

The Wall Street Journal

Biden is proposing to do far worse than President Obama. The tax and regulatory regime that would come down on the population due to the socialist/environmentalist faction of the Democrat Party will suffocate the country. I can almost feel the stock market crashing upon a Biden win. Employment and salaries will return to stagnation or maybe even deflation. You can’t hire more people if you must pay them $15.00/hour.

Foreign Policy

The Democrats love to say that Trump “cozies” up to dictators. I’ve seen no evidence of it. I wondered how after Trump was elected that suddenly Russia became an enemy of the U.S. We were actively contracting with them to send astronauts to space. How do you trust them with the lives of your astronauts if they are your enemy?

If there was a problem with Russia it happened under President Obama. His constant “red lines” that he would draw and then do nothing once the line was crossed. No one feared what Obama would do and therefore just did whatever they wanted. Just ask Ukraine.

President Trump has put the world on notice that he would not allow them to walk all over us and use us as the world’s piggy bank and the world’s cop. China is especially aware of this now and would certainly welcome a more friendly Joe Biden as president. Under Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, China was allowed to steal the United States blind.

Before President Clinton the Chinese could not launch a rocket. Clinton relaxed the regulations on the export of technology and shortly thereafter the Chinese are launching satellites into orbit. Add to that U.S. high tech companies using cheap Chinese labor to manufacture high tech products allowed the Chinese to gain knowledge into how to build all kinds of devices.

Did the tariffs hurt the U.S.? Yes. But Trump is playing the long game here. The short term pain we feel will turn into a long term gain once the relationship regarding trade is set to a more reasonable level. I’m not talking about trade deficits either. Those are nothing but political fakery. I’m talking about countries like China that restrict U.S. companies’ entry to their market while we freely allow there companies to enter ours. There needs to be more openness to let the companies compete. If they restrict our businesses then we must restrict theirs in the same manner.

The Judicial Branch

Enough can’t be said about judicial appointments. For far too long the courts have been packed with left leaning activist judges. And the Supreme Court needs to be rebalanced so we can get away from these 5-4 decisions. If Biden is elected I believe almost immediately Justice Ginsburg will retire allowing Biden his first pick. There is no way a President Biden is going to appoint a judge that will adhere to the Constitution. He will do as he did with his pick for a running mate. He’ll have this political identity checklist of all the things a person must be to be appointed that has nothing to do with the law or the Constitution.


I didn’t vote for President Trump in 2016. On a personal level I don’t like him and never did. But, in 2020 President Trump has my vote.

I don’t pay attention to what politicians say. Instead I watch what they do. President Obama would tell you that he’s going to do the things that help average everyday people and the poor. Instead just about every action he took did the exact opposite. It resulted in almost a decade of just feeling like nothing good was going to happen and we had to live in this “new normal”. Trump, on the other had, says all kinds of stuff that I don’t agree with or that I think would be better off unsaid. But, his actions on things that matter helped the country a great deal. It helped all the country and not just the wealthiest at the top.

Once we get on the other side of COVID-19 hysteria a Trump presidency is the best chance we have of crawling out of the muck and mire of lockdown. Biden, on the other hand, will lock us all down on the advice of some unelected bureaucrat. Our lives can’t afford a President like that.


Scott Adams unloads on Joe Biden and may vote Kanye!

This part of his Periscope chat was highly entertaining. Scott Adams is hung up on the media created phony story of Trump saying racists and Nazis are fine people after the Charlottesville protest. Anyone with sense knows Trump never said what they’re attributing to him but it doesn’t matter to the people that hate President Trump. No matter how you prove that he never said that they will never believe it.

Just give it up Scott! I think these conventions are irrelevant this election cycle. I think people made up there minds months ago. Either Trump will upset the world again or we’ll be stuck with a President that is obviously suffering from mild dementia.

One thing is for sure. No matter what happens in November the people that believe “very fine people” bit about Trump will believe it until they’re into the grave.

Below is the part where he denounces the Nazis and White Nationalists.

But the only part of this entire back and forth the media plays is about 10 seconds from this point.


A vote for Joe Biden is a vote against the USA

I don’t agree with Joe Biden’s politics or policies. I always found him an affable man but one that is largely full of shit. You can say the exact same thing about President Trump without the affable part. But the difference between the two, and it is a giant difference, is that Joe Biden obviously no longer has the capacity to be a functioning politician let alone president. He’s become a willing, or unwilling, dupe in order to get elected.

On July 28 2020, Biden gave a speech that launches his campaign slogan “Build Back Better.” Yes, it’s a lame slogan, but it’s also taken from the far left pushers of the “Green New Deal.” Putting this part aside for the moment just watch the first few minutes of Biden’s speech. He tries to joke about is age and diminishing faculties but it really comes off as making him look feeble and suffering from mild dementia.

Now on to his slogan. Here is a video uploaded to YouTube on June 17, 2020, under the TEDx moniker, from Professor John Barry. Mr. Barry is a professor of Green Political Economy and Co-Director of the Centre for Sustainability, Equality and Climate Action in the School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics at Queens University Belfast. What a mouthful of gobbledygook. In this video he talks about killing off capitalism, pushes his socialist agenda, and yes, he talks about “Build Back Better.”

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote against everything the United States stands for. The United States is not for equality of outcomes it is for equality of opportunity. State management of human lives has failed every time it has been tried.

A vote for Joe Biden is also a vote for someone who no longer has the mental capacity to be president. You’re voting ideology over country.