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Virtue signaling to cancel culture

Seems it’s good business now to virtue signal. Lately we have Dr. Seuss issuing a press release about dropping six titles from their portfolio of children’s books. At least theirs was culturally significant because so many Americans grew up reading Dr. Seuss.

Now comes an ice cream company switching the name of one of their flavors because of a term that may be “connected” to Jim Crow end hence derogatory.

“Jimmies” are what some New Englanders call the ice cream topping most Americans call “sprinkles.” The history of the term “jimmies” isn’t clear – several companies have claimed to have invented it and the topping – but some people now say that it’s a derogatory term related to Jim Crow, the racist caricature that came to stand for discriminatory laws and segregation put into place following the Civil War.

Fox Business

My belief is that the company just created the non-controversy in order to generate some publicity. They switched the name of “Just Jimmies” to “Just Sprinkles”… and they did it some time LAST YEAR. How much publicity did they get? Who knows. Fox Business is the bottom of the bottom ratings wise. Only knuckle heads like me probably saw the story.

Who gives a crap about jimmies or sprinkles. Personally I hate them both. Wait… can I say hate?

Image by Tluke from Pixabay