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Without biological sex there is no homosexuality

This stuff doesn’t often cross my mind. Mostly because I just don’t give a rats ass where a guy chooses to sling his sausage. Reading TGIF on Bari Weiss’ Substack this morning, Nellie Bowles writes about the Taylor Lorenz bru ha ha and near the bottom of that story she links to a Newsweek article about the culture clash between LGB and TQ+ of LGBTQ+. You know, as Dave Chapelle calls them, the alphabet people.

It’s a good article from a gay man writing about the bigotry directed at him for not being the “right kind of queer”. I never thought how, like women, gay people might be getting erased by the new transgender cabal that is marching its way through American culture.

But today I am equally fearful of the radical activists I once longed to emulate, activists who push a regressive, anti-liberal agenda that reifies gender stereotypes, downplays the seriousness of long-term medicalization and ultimately seeks to abolish my identity—for without biological sex, there is no homosexuality. Today, the least-accepting spaces for people like me are, of all places, the halls of LGBT rights organizations, where the threat might not be violence but is nevertheless terrible stigmatization and shame.

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Just wait until the furries erase dogs and cats. Life is going to get more weird than it already is.

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