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Simple chart shows price of gas during the Biden Administration

UPDATE: I’ve updated this post with data as of October 24, 2022

The chart below shows the price of gas on January 21, 2021, Biden’s first official day in office, and the price of gas on the February 28, 2022, the day Russia invades Ukraine. All the space in between shows the slow and steady rise in the price of a gallon of gas over 14 months. The increase was somewhere between $1.15 and $1.20 per gallon. President Biden is lying when he tries to blame Vladimir Putin for what was already occurring naturally due to the lack of domestic oil production and a massive printing of dollars over the last 2 years.

Economic Research Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Trump is just as much to blame for where we are today. His administration printed trillions as well. How much money was created out of thin air since the pandemic began?

All-in money printing totaled $13 trillion: $5.2 for COVID + $4.5 for quantitative easing + $3 for infrastructure. Mountains of money cause inflation

Money Printing and Inflation: COVID, Cryptocurrencies and More | Nasdaq

President Biden, the Democrats, and the legacy media are in the process of changing the definition of “inflation”. Rising prices, under normal circumstances, are caused by two things in general. A shortage of supply, a rise in demand, or both. But higher prices can also be caused indirectly by inflation. Inflation is when the purchasing power of money diminishes over time. This used to be the widely accepted definition. The President and legacy media are trying to reframe inflation to be caused by solely by supply constraints created by situations out of their control. They believe, and they may be right, the public is poorly educated enough to slip this one by.

Here’s Sleepy Joe all fired up talking to Democrats at a retreat in Philadelphia. He lies and lies again about how much you’re paying at the pump and the reason why. If the price of gas went up $0.75 when Putin invaded Ukraine who was responsible for the $1.20 increase in the 14 months preceding?