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New York Times discovers COVID-19 protocols prevented nothing

Government and the media killed common sense before the SARS-CoV-2 reared its ugly head… and the rest is history. The disgusting media back track on the efficacy of COVID-19 safety protocols should ensure you never trust another word from legacy media.

This article tries to put infections and deaths in a political frame. This is a mistake because where people live and their relative health matter more than their politics when it comes to getting infected and having severe outcomes. This is true of any disease. For example, rural areas voted republican more than urban. These areas have less access to health care of any kind. They may also tend to be more overweight than in urban areas (my stereotypical assumption). These two factors alone could account for higher death rates.

Did Omicron spread less in the parts of the U.S. where social distancing and masking were more common?

The answer is surprisingly unclear.

Nationwide, the number of official Covid cases has recently been somewhat higher in heavily Democratic areas than Republican areas, according to The Times’s data. That comparison doesn’t fully answer the question, though, because Democratic areas were also conducting more tests, and the percentage of positive tests tended to be somewhat higher in Republican areas.

No single statistic offers a definitive answer. 

The lack of a clear pattern is itself striking. Remember, not only have Democratic voters been avoiding restaurants and wearing masks; they are also much more likely to be vaccinated and boosted (and vaccines substantially reduce the chances of infection). Combined, these factors seem as if they should have caused large differences in case rates.

They have not. And that they haven’t offers some clarity about the relative effectiveness of different Covid interventions.

Do Covid Precautions Work? – The New York Times (

I highlighted the above sentence about vaccines reducing infection because it directly contradicts the “data” in the chart and what was said in the preceding sentence. If the vaccines are effective why were infection rates indistinguishable?

But let’s forget about that. Read the back flips this article goes through to explain why the protocols were ineffective but effective at the same time. They’re walking it back but doing it with their eyes closed and their feet tied together.

Although masks reduce the chances of transmission in any individual encounter, Omicron is so contagious that it can overwhelm the individual effect, he said.

I’ve come to think of the point this way: Imagine that you carry around a six-sided die that determines whether you contract Covid, and you must roll it every time you enter an indoor space with other people. Without a mask, you will get Covid if you roll a one or a two. With a mask, you will get Covid only if you roll a one.

You can probably see the problem: Either way, you’ll almost certainly get Covid.

Blame it on the Omicron not the fact that all coronaviruses are highly contagious and no masking or distancing will stop their spread.

One thing has not changed… yet. They’re still pushing vaccination.

One, nothing matters nearly as much as vaccination. A continued push to persuade skeptics to get shots — and to make sure that people are receiving booster shots — will save lives.

Get your experimental vaccine now while supplies last!!

Vaccination for an illness which everyone has at least around a 99% survival rate.

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