San Francisco crime, government ineptitude, business hostility, and anti-success mentality forces SFO lover to leave for greener pastures

His entire blog post is a good read and should be a lesson to everyone living in blue states that you need to change. For purple states the message is this is what’s coming. For red states the message is hold the line because the rest are collapsing under their own weight.

On the one hand, I think any rational individual would acknowledge that privilege has made for a rigged system. But on the other hand, in the spirit of deconstructing those imbalances, we’ve dismantled upward mobility for everyone — not just the underprivileged.

Instead of a definition of equity that raises the floor (a rising tide floats all boats), we’ve adopted a definition that institutes a ceiling on achievement: if everyone can’t have it, no one can have it. We’ve adopted the philosophy of a petulant grade school bully. This is an unfortunate trend across the country, but it really feels like California and the Bay Area specifically are at the bleeding edge of this philosophy.

Below, I’ve broken down 8 factors that I believe are degrading our ability to build and advance.

The American Dream is on Life Support in the Bay Area (