2020/2021 we had a pandemic of fear and hysteria driven by incessant unnecessary testing

I’m not denying a lot of people died. I know they did, and I even knew a few. But that doesn’t change the facts of what actually happened over the last two years. What we had was a pandemic of fear and hysteria driven by constant unnecessary tests. Tests designed to produce positive results. It used to be that an official case was someone admitted into the hospital. Not anymore. Now a positive test result is called a case.

This chart from official data shows SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 should have been treated as nothing more than a bad cold or flu that was a threat to certain people who were elderly or had certain conditions. Beyond that it was no threat to the general population and is no threat to children.

The video below was made from Our World in Data. It’s the data source used by the New York Times, and tons of other media outlets. The source is Johns Hopkins University. Look at the scary daily confirmed case line. It’s huge! And it’s larger today than ever before. But look at the bottom. The orange line never really budges. Those are confirmed daily deaths. It rose early in 2020 but then settled down and never spiked along with confirmed cases. For the entire 2 years of this pandemic of fear, the death rate never followed the case curve. Watch the video.

And the same goes for the data for the entire world. Watch below.

It’s stunning we allowed our governments to lock us down, make us wear masks, and for some, get experimental vaccines.