Illinois court rules unvaccinated doctor can administer Ivermectin at Naperville hospital

This is a double win for people with common sense and the rights of a doctor to treat his patient. The problem is that it took 3 WEEKS between the time the daughter requested the treatment for her father for the court to rule in her favor. The hospital should be sued for malpractice for getting in the way and preventing what could be a life saving treatment.

Hospitals should not have the right to practice medicine by government regulation. Things with COVID-19 are bad now just wait for the moment we get universal healthcare. The hospitals are acting like death panels now. In the future I’m sure there will be an actual panel where they decide whether or not you’re worth it to treat.

DuPage County Judge Paul Fullerton nonetheless ruled last week that Dr. Alan Bain, a Chicago physician who has offered his services in other ivermectin cases, be allowed to give Ng the medication, saying the risk was minimal for a patient who “is basically on his deathbed.”

But as preparations began, court papers say, hospital administrators discovered Bain had not been vaccinated. They said allowing him to treat a patient would violate hospital policy as well as Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s executive order on health worker vaccinations.

The judge was unpersuaded, according to court documents. He cited an exemption in the governor’s order that allows health care workers to be admitted to hospitals if they test negative for COVID.

Kirstin Erickson, one of Ng’s attorneys, said Bain presented a negative test and was finally allowed to start the treatment Monday night, three weeks after Ng had been put on a ventilator.

DuPage judge rules unvaccinated doctor can administer ivermectin – Chicago Tribune





2 responses to “Illinois court rules unvaccinated doctor can administer Ivermectin at Naperville hospital”

  1. Gary Barnes Avatar
    Gary Barnes

    Do you have any follow-up information on Nurije Fype? She had been released from the hospital and was recovering at home. The latest info that I can find is from around June, 2021.

    1. Kevin Avatar

      I got the information from her daughter’s twitter feed.

      There hasn’t been any update since July and I didn’t want to bother her daughter after all the attention she received with the court case. I figured her mom got home and was recovering which was a victory enough with all the crap that’s happening now.

      I sincerely hope her mom had a full recovery.