COVID policies seek to kill off individualists

Everything I’m about to type is going to sound batshit crazy to a lot of people. After a year and a half with the relentless push to control human behavior I’m fully convinced we’re not dealing with people of good intention. I honestly gave them the benefit of the doubt thinking they were just being dumb and ham handed with government policies. I don’t believe that anymore. We’re dealing with evil people who want to subjugate all the citizens of the world. The problem this time around is we’re not fighting one person, one nation, or one government. We’re fighting all of them including the United States of America. The United States was the last bastion of freedom on Earth and its now all but lost. A few states are pushing back but will they be powerful enough to halt the death of liberty.

People who believe in private property, individual, and natural rights are being targeted by an all of government approach. The goal is to eliminate all people who believe in liberty and personal sovereignty. This agenda makes the nation/state the God of your life and the career bureaucrats the angels on their shoulders guiding every policy that makes your freedom a sin. Governments believe that you are their property and are there to service the needs of the nation/state and the multi-national corporations that prop them up. COVID-19 was the test to see how easily they could exert total control and annihilation of individual thought. Science around natural immunity and vaccines are ignored in favor of “The Science” which molds to fit the policy ends of the government. Fear is the main tool used to eliminate logic and common sense. How can you think straight when you think you’re in imminent danger of being killed by someone breathing to heavily. Convincing people to inject what may be an unnecessary drug into their bodies under the guise of “protect others” is especially insidious and plays on the average person’s good nature.

Now comes the twist where government, media, and multi-national corporations push those nice average people into raging bigots. They’re being told the unvaccinated are a scourge. The unvaccinated are keeping you from living a normal and free life. The unvaccinated are unclean and are putting you at risk. The sheer illogic of the push to vaccinate the unvaccinated is as bold as anything since the de-humanizing of Jews during WWII. The facts of the virus and the relative risk mean nothing. What matters is the unvaccinated are evil people who don’t care if your mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, or children die. The unvaccinated are consumed with selfishness because they aren’t willing to “protect others” from this virus.

This same push was tried over the last 20+ years with Climate Change. But Climate Change wasn’t catching on. It takes too long for the climate to actually change. The Earth operates on geologic, cosmologic, and universal time scales. Humans don’t live long enough to experience it so the propaganda wasn’t working. A virus is immediate. It effects people within weeks. So-called “long COVID” may last for years. If you don’t do some thing now you could kill your neighbor.

The totalitarian dream of “the greater good” is a utopian scam. I think we may be at an inflection point as we move into the fall and winter in the northern hemisphere. Either we get through this and survive with our individual and natural rights or we will all be subjugated to totalitarian rule.

I reviewed what I have written above and I don’t want to believe it. But there can be no other explanation. When a motorcycle event is condemned while President Obama parties, when anyone who thinks they need to protect themselves with a vaccine can do so but also believe they need to force it on others, when only a subsection of the population is at high risk of infection and death from a virus but we must force all to act as if they’re going to die, what is left to believe other than this is a push to kill individual and private property rights?

What do you own if you don’t own yourself?