I got nothing

Episode 14

YouTube deleted my video, Equity for Larry Elder, CDC can’t get anything right, Ivermectin gets coverage in the Wall Street Journal, and much more!



Californians that don’t vote for Larry Elder are racist – Kevin Bae

Some people need to prove there is no limit to human idiocy – Kevin Bae

Equity for Elder – Kevin Bae

Today’s COVID-19 Cases vs. Deaths – Kevin Bae

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance weekly update – Kevin Bae

Death statistics of 5 different drugs – Kevin Bae

We are now China… or at least acting like it – Kevin Bae

Masks, masks, and more masks. What our government needs is a muzzle – Kevin Bae

Guess the country – Kevin Bae

FDA is not following science on Ivermectin – Kevin Bae

DeSantis for President! – Kevin Bae

Great video of Michael Rappaport getting slapped with reality – Kevin Bae

Investors may finally be learning that China is no place to invest – Kevin Bae

Maybe the CDC and Fauci finally went too far – Kevin Bae

Why we’ve never had a successful vaccine for coronavirus in humans – Kevin Bae

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