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I’m in with the cool kids now

YouTube removed the video from my last podcast episode due to violating their “medical misinformation policy“. I didn’t give any medical advice. All I did was talk about the number of people being hospitalized in the UK even though they’re fully vaccinated. I surmised that it couldn’t be as effective as they’re saying if so many people were still being hospitalized. Then I went on to say that the odds of contracting and surviving COVID-19 is practically the same as contracting and surviving COVID-19 with or without being vaccinated. There is nothing false about this. I reposted the video with the audio of the relevant portions removed.

They also flagged the video for copyright violations because I played small portions of some music. I didn’t post more than 30 seconds of each song to try to get around the violation. But that didn’t work. So the video has been reposted with only 10 seconds of each song. Hopefully I can play 10 seconds without violating anything.

If you want to hear the entire podcast you can find it here.

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