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Update: Nurije Fype is out of the hospital and has returned home

Nurije Fype’s long fight against COVID-19 has taken another step in a good direction. Her daughter tweeted on July 2nd that her mom returned home on Monday, June 28th, and is now focused on physical therapy. What a journey it has been for this family and their fight to control the treatment for their mother. What would the outcome have been if the courts did not decide in the family’s favor?

Congratulations are in order and great hopes for continued recovery.





3 responses to “Update: Nurije Fype is out of the hospital and has returned home”

  1. MBB Avatar

    There still are heroes and brave people in our country. Here are two. A loving, dedicated, informed daughter and a science based doctor of knowledge who treats-the-disease. Of course the remarkable recovery of this patient, due to Ivermectin, has been censored by MSM media and ignored by MSD doctors and followers. Hope that this story is heard around the world and that it breaks the stranglehold that has been forced on the people of the earth!

    1. Kevin Avatar

      Yes! This is why I kept following up on the story. Since it was getting ignored I suspected there was a positive outcome.

  2. Michael Avatar

    Thank you for telling the truth. There are still many great Americans willing to be honest above all else.