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Georgia Drivers and USB Shavers

The above two things have nothing in common… except for me. Here’s episode number 5 of That’s All I Got. Everything I blogged over the past week.

Right to resist arrest in Georgia – Kevin Bae dot com

Who didn’t know COVID-19 was cover for a power grab? – Kevin Bae dot com

Regarding Bill Gates – Kevin Bae dot com

Simple fix to protect your Windows machine from Russian ransomware hackers – Kevin Bae dot com

1996 X-Files episode foretelling our COVID-19 reality – Kevin Bae dot com

Dr. Fauci admitting his mask wearing was politics not science – Kevin Bae dot com

There is one simple reason why there was a gas shortage… and it’s not the pipeline – Kevin Bae dot com

Psychologically abused by your government – Kevin Bae dot com

Why don’t electric shavers charge via USB? – Kevin Bae dot com

Don’t worry that Mayor Lightfoot might be racist worry about the construction of real institutional racism – Kevin Bae dot com

Free Margaret Buttimer! – Kevin Bae dot com

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