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  • Abolish the National Education Association

    Abolish the National Education Association

    These people are certifiably nuts and have no business teaching the nation’s children anything. Their Dear Leader is Becky Pringle. She seems to be a little drunk with power.

  • Krispy Kreme to save $2 million a year reducing manual labor

    Krispy Kreme to save $2 million a year reducing manual labor

    $15 per hour is a great wage if there will be an entry level job open to pay it. Just wait until this automation catches up with all those Starbucks employees joining labor unions. Machines don’t sleep, don’t complain, don’t need healthcare, don’t show up late, and rarely make mistakes. The “fight for fifteen” will…

  • Get ready to be nickel and dimed at hotels

    Get ready to be nickel and dimed at hotels

    Just like the airlines when they started charging for baggage and the crappy food they serve we can expect hotels to start charging for daily housekeeping, in-room coffee, and the shitty breakfast buffet. I can see the menu of items now. $0.50 for each fresh towel, $2.00 for an extra pillow, $5.00 for in-room coffee,…

  • I guess Amazon isn’t the terrible workplace the media and labor unions make it out to be

    Amazon’s PR says it’s not a win for Amazon. What can be said is this vote was a huge defeat for labor unions. The way this thing was hyped up I was sure it was going to go in the union’s favor. But, 71% against?!? That’s a giant slap in the union’s face. Workers at…

  • Pritzker expands Chicago Teachers Union power

    Good old JB is batting a thousand these days. As if the Chicago Teachers Union doesn’t already have enough power in the city the wise sage that is JB Pritzker decides to up the ante. The Chicago Teachers Union is lauding Gov. J.B. Pritzker for restoring its ability to bargain with the city over issues…

  • AFLCIO President Richard Trumka on the jobs President Biden destroyed

    You can see the pain on his face when searching for the words to answer the interviewer’s questions on job losses and Joe Biden. Even though Biden destroyed tens of thousands of union jobs with his executive orders Trumka still can’t bring himself to say anything truly negative. When asked how he feels about the…