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  • 1996 X-Files episode foretelling our COVID-19 reality

    There was an episode of the X-Files on last night. In the episode Cancer Man is interrogating a shape-shifting alien. It’s like Chris Carter and the writers of this episode saw 2020/2021 in 1996 when this episode aired. We give them happiness and they give us authority. The authority to take away their freedom under…

  • Who didn’t know COVID-19 was cover for a power grab?

    Who didn’t know COVID-19 was cover for a power grab?

    Almost my entire family view me as a crackpot when I recite every liberty taken from the public due to “protecting others” from COVID-19. The United States and western democracies are not founded on the principles of collective good. They are founded on the principle of individual liberty and the rights of man (man in…

  • What kind of country are we now?

    Read the following story and tell me if you think this is reasonable. Authorities in the U.S. have taken elaborate measures to curb protests against the impeachment of former President Trump, planned by his supporters for Saturday in more than 60 U.S. cities.  Trump’s associates in D.C. and other regions have been detained in the…