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  • Oy with the COVID-19 news already

    Oy with the COVID-19 news already

    40% of hospitalizations in the UK are fully vaccinated, Rand Paul gets Fauci flustered, Texas Democrat infection ruse, Sydney Australia shuts down over 3 deaths, and music I’m listening to so I can forget about COVID-19 news

  • YouTube Music Review

    Google is at it once again. For some unknown reason, later this year, they are deprecating Google Play Music (GPM) for YouTube Music (YM). What the hell is wrong with this company? They always feel the need to fix things that aren’t broken or to kill off products. I’ve been using GPM since it was…

  • Have yourself a depressing little Christmas

    The original lyrics to the song, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” are pretty depressing but honestly so much better that the version performed by Judy Garland or Frank Sinatra that have become the season’s classics. Here are the original lyrics: Have yourself a merry little ChristmasIt may be your lastNext year we may all…