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Sats and Sounds Episode 3 – 2023.09.04

I’m not a DJ and I never played one on TV. Never the less, I launched a new web site and podcast called Sats and Sounds. Every week I play three songs that are Value4Value enabled. It’s a quick hit three track listen with independent artists you may not have heard before. They’re songs I find interesting from the web site Wavlake. At the end of the month I then reprise all the songs I played that month.

Sats and Sounds Episode 3 – 2023.09.14

The podcast is exclusively Value4Value and is only listed on The podcast is best listened to using the apps below. Podverse is my current favorite but you can also go to to look for more options.


Subscribe to the podcast by searching in the apps above or by adding this RSS feed. Sats and Sounds RSS

What’s special about this type of podcast and this show is the music is licensed in a way that allows the listener to directly pay the artists. Using one of the apps above and an Alby wallet you can stream cryptocurrency micropayments while you listen. You can also send what’s called a Boostagram. To send a Boostagram there is a boost button in the app. You set the number of sats (Sats is short for Satoshis which are a fraction of a Bitcoin) and hit the button to send something extra if you especially like what you hear. You can also send a message along with your Boostagram to tell the artist how much you like the song.

Another unique thing with this podcast is the “wallet switching technology” created by the Podcasting 2.0 organization. Wallet switching happens every time a song is starts. The wallet in the app automatically switches to the artists’ wallet so micropayments you send go directly to them. This technology is something Apple, Google, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, Facebook, and the rest of big tech can’t and won’t do. They won’t do this because they are all captured by ASCAP, BMI, RMLC, and the rest. The big music licensing companies take all the money and dole out pennies to the artists.

Using Value4Value and wallet switching technology you have a direct connection with the band, singer, and/or musician. There is no one else in the middle to capture all the money.

Give the show a listen, ignore my poor podcasting skills, subscribe, and send me some sats as well for the effort. If you don’t like what I’m playing there are new music shows popping up all the time. The big daddy of them all is Boostagram Ball by podcaster and former MTV VJ, Adam Curry.