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A major brand finally makes a USB-C rechargeable electric razor!

It’s unbelievable but it’s happened. A major brand has finally manufactured an electric razor that is rechargeable using a USB-C port! Without further ado, that brand is…


And the price is only $60!! This is like some kind of dream come true! Yes… I know… I need better dreams.

I blogged the following about three years ago.

Here’s my plea. To the major brands that manufacture electric razors. DITCH THE WALL WART AND SWITCH TO USB CHARGING. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!

Kevin Bae

I’ve been looking for shavers that charge via USB for a long time. So long USB-C wasn’t yet ubiquitous. But now, Panasonic has heard my plea and delivered!

The $60 model, wonderfully named the ES-RM3B, comes in three colors and has a very cool modern design. It has two foils with a trimmer blade in the middle just like every other electric shaver out there. The handle is rounds and slim with a single button on the front. The USB-C port is at the bottom of the handle under what looks like a rubber flap. Hopefully on a subsequent model they can ditch that flap. It takes one hour to charge and you get 50 minutes of shave time. Behold my future (it gets delivered in a couple days). I included an affiliate link in case you want to buy it and give me a tiny kickback.

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There is a more expensive model at $100. It’s much smaller and is for travel. It has the lovely model name ES-CM3A-K. This has the same two foil design as the larger model, comes in three colors, has similar charge and battery life to the larger model, and fits in the palm of your hand. The USB port on this one is also on the bottom and has a much smaller flap. The flaps have to go as these will probably break off with time. Maybe the extra expense of making that USB port waterproof was too much to keep the price of the shaver down. Here is what this tiny gem of a shaver looks like along with an affiliate link.

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My gripe about the flap is not a real complaint. It’s just an observation. These two items hit my Amazon cart almost quicker than the web page could load. I feel almost giddy about this. It’s stupid but I’ve been looking for a shaver with this feature for a long long time. And now it’s here! I hope it lives up to my expectations.