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What are the odds of an EV spontaneously combusting in your driveway?

For me it’s 50%… at least among the people I personally know who own one.

I’m 57 years old. Over the years I personally owned around 14 internal combustion engine cars and 2 internal combustion engine motorcycles. None have spontaneously combusted.

I know, and have been associated with, hundreds of people, maybe thousands, over my lifetime that all have owned internal combustion engine cars and none that I can recall ever reported their car spontaneously combusted.

Today, my next door neighbor’s Tesla spontaneously combusted. There were two small explosions.

When the Tesla combusted I was in my home office consumed with some financial work. I thought the noise was thunder as we’re expecting some passing showers. I didn’t bother to check and just kept working. Then my wife received a phone call from another neighbor to check out what’s happening because there are fire trucks in front of our house. Our neighbor was alerted by her Ring doorbell. My wife talked to our neighbor and saw what was left of their Tesla.

Just like that… POOF! It’s lucky it was outside in their driveway instead of inside their garage.

I was never interested in an EV in the first place. It’s too inconvenient and doesn’t fit the way I drive. And now… knowing my experience means 50% of the EVs people I know explode I know I’m not due to get one any time soon.