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COVID-19 mRNA vaccines create unwanted proteins in the body

Further proof the largest experiment in human history was conducted on billions of people with COVID-19 mRNA vaccines is vaccines do not only create the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein but also create different proteins by a process known as “frameshifting.” Frameshifting is a misread from the body of the mRNA code which creates different proteins than expected.

It’s like saying here’s a recipe with instructions on how to make a cake – it’s grandma’s cake recipe. These researchers wanted to know if the mRNA could accurately give instructions on how to make Grandma’s cake or whether it would produce a corrupted version of grandma’s cake.

These researchers obviously knew from the literature that modifying some of the bases in the vaccine’s RNA – as was the case for the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines – that it might cause misreads of different kinds. It’s known as ‘frameshifting.’

Maryanne Demasi, PHD

What these unknown proteins do in the body is not well studied. But they do know their creation result in what is called an “off-target” immune response.

Basically, as the ribosome reads the code for the spike protein, it may slip in the middle of reading the code. So, the first half is spike protein, and the second half is a Pfrankenstein protein.

Now, just imagine one half can still attach to the ACE2 receptor on cells but on the other end, you’ve got this Pfrankenstein protein dangling outside of the cells.  Your immune system is going to destroy the cell because it looks foreign, and now you’ve got something that looks like an autoimmune condition.

Or you could have a protein that turns out to be not necessarily identical, but sufficiently similar to another protein in our body like a hormone and it ends up mimicking the hormone’s activity and disturbing your endocrine system.

Maryanne Demasi, PHD

This was revealed in a study released in the journal Nature last December and the possible dangers highlighted by Dr. David Wiseman in a comment published about that study.

I don’t think we’re going to know what these mRNA vaccines are doing for another decade or so. You know… about the time it used to take for a novel vaccine to come to market.