FDA silently releases info on mRNA Covid vaccines & seizures and convulsions in children ages 2 to 5

I say they silently released the information because there was no announcement. It was discovered by Alex Berenson when looking into an analysis of insurance claims databases released by the FDA.

Young children had a significantly elevated risk of seizures and convulsions after receiving mRNA Covid jabs, Food and Drug Administration scientists have found.

The FDA researchers quietly released the finding, which comes from an analysis of insurance claims databases, earlier this week. The FDA and Centers for Disease Control did not meet a deadline on questions if CDC knew of the finding before it advised kids to receive more mRNA Covid boosters last month.

The FDA did not quantify the risk or severity of the seizures in the paper. But the published data suggest the risk appears to be about 1 in 2,500 completed vaccinations within a week of a shot. 

VERY URGENT: federal researchers find evidence Covid mRNA jabs cause seizures in young children – Alex Berenson