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Racists within TED almost prevented a talk about Colorblindness from being posted

Coleman Hughes gave a TED talk about race. It was about how a color blind society is better than one that only sees color. You can agree or disagree with Hughes but you shouldn’t have the power to prevent him from saying it. And TED… of all places… this vaunted paragon of ideas, has a group of racists within its organization that almost succeeded in having Hughes’ talk posted to the dustbin of TED. It’s always seems to be those that believe they have moral authority to be the ones most morally corrupt. There’s nothing more pathetic than black people trying to silence a black person because he believes we should have a color blind society.

Here’s the talk.

Here’s Coleman Hughes’ write up in The Free Press about his experience with the TED organization.

According to its website, TED’s mission is to “discover and spread ideas that spark imagination, embrace possibility, and catalyze impact.” They claim to be “devoted to curiosity, reason, wonder, and the pursuit of knowledge—without an agenda.” My experience suggests otherwise, with TED falling far short of those ambitions and instead displaying all the hallmarks of an institution captured by the new progressive orthodoxy. TED’s leadership must decide whether it wants to do something about it—or let the organization become yet another echo chamber.

Why is TED Scared of Color Blindness? – The Free Press