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If you truly believe in small government how can you not support Vivek Ramaswamy

I’ve been consuming everything I can on Vivek Ramaswamy because I’m naturally skeptical. This is especially true with a guy from Harvard and Yale that seemingly came out of nowhere. Today he reiterated how he plans to dramatically reduce the size and scope of the Executive Branch of the United States. The administrative state has grown out of control and previous president’s attempts to reform it have all failed. I have no doubt, if he by some miracle is elected, there will be such massive push back most of his proposals won’t succeed. But, if he is able to accomplish even 5% of what he’s proposing it will be transformative for the United States of America.

Watch the video below. Forgive the amateur video production from NTD and Ramaswamy’s awkward staging with his poster boards. He does make it better when he picks up the microphone and gets out from behind the lectern. The post presentation interview illuminates his belief of how he can accomplish his proposals.