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10 things we should hate about mRNA vaccines

Alex Berenson wrote a post on Substack where he lays out 10 facts about COVID-19 mRNA vaccines everyone should know. I think it should be 10 facts everyone should hate.

  1. They aren’t traditional vaccines
  2. Before COVID mRNA technology was not ready for prime-time
  3. Trials didn’t show mRNA shots reduced deaths
  4. Never tested head to head with traditional vaccines
  5. Trials showed mRNA shots caused more severe side effects than traditional vaccines
  6. COVID-19 mRNA trials were halted. There is no control group
  7. At best mRNA shots worked for a few months
  8. Studies were flawed that showed protection against severe illness or death
  9. No protection against Omicron and may increase risk of infection from that variant
  10. mRNA booster campaigns coincided with an increase in all-cause mortality rates

Read his full Substack and weep.