Countries gather to plan for peace between Ukraine and Russia… without Russia. Idiots.

What kind of dog and pony show are they going to put on? How much has Biden pledged of U.S. tax dollars for this drinking club to sit and stick broomsticks up their asses pretending to broker a peace without both sides of the conflict. What a load of horseshit.

Maybe this was the way we should have ended the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the Iraq War, and the Afghanistan War. Just get together with our allies and agree on our terms for peace. The other side that’s firing bullets and missiles is sure to agree if all the other countries agree. Duh!

Ukraine and its allies are planning a summit of global leaders that would exclude Russia, aimed at garnering support for Kyiv’s terms for ending the war, according to a senior Ukrainian presidential adviser and European diplomats.

Plans for a gathering, while preliminary, have strong support from European leaders including French President Emmanuel Macron who are lobbying for participation by countries that have sided with Russia or declined to take a position on the war.

“We require a unified plan of the responsible civilized world that really wants to live in peace,” said Andriy Yermak, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s chief of staff. Yermak told The Wall Street Journal that direct negotiations with Russia weren’t possible as long as its troops remain in the country. Ukraine won’t compromise on its territorial integrity, he said.

Ukraine and Allies Plan Peace Summit Without Russia – WSJ (no paywall)

This is gonna be great! Zelensky has a 10-point peace plan. 10 points!!

Zelensky’s 10-point peace plan calls for restoring Ukraine’s control over its territory, returning prisoners of war and prosecuting war crimes. It also proposes addressing nuclear safety, which it says is compromised by Russia’s occupation of a nuclear power plant, and food security, by protecting grain exports that are hampered by Russia’s invasion.

President Biden and other top leaders from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization would be invited for the meeting, which Western diplomats hope can take place shortly before NATO’s annual summit that starts July 11. That gathering, in Vilnius, Lithuania, will focus on military support for Ukraine and Kyiv’s future relationship with the organization.

Ukraine and Allies Plan Peace Summit Without Russia – WSJ (no paywall)

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay