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Germany tears down wind farm to expand coal mine because the dummkopfs shut down their nuclear plants

Gotta love the supreme stupidity of green dreams. Of course, they blame Russia, Russia, Russia. What a bunch of morons.

German energy company RWE has begun dismantling a small wind farm to make way for the expansion of an adjacent lignite coal mine, a move the company willingly acknowledges as “paradoxical”.

RWE has already dismantled one of the wind turbines at the Keyenberg wind park in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The remaining seven turbines are expected to be dismantled throughout next year, as RWE expands its operations at its Garzweiler coal mine.

“We realize this comes across as paradoxical,” RWE spokesperson Guido Steffen said in a statement. “But that is as matters stand.”

The driving factor behind the decision is the fear of energy shortages driven by the Russia invasion of Ukraine, and the lack of imported fossil gas from Russia.

In Germany, a wind farm is dismantled to make way for expanded lignite coal mine – Renew Economy

Image by Joe from Pixabay