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Republicans are aborting themselves with tone-deaf abortion policies

What a bunch of ignoramuses! The Supreme Court of the United States finally does the right thing by overturning Roe v. Wade. SCOTUS returned the issue to the states. This gave the Republican Party a chance to broaden their base by enacting laws that fit where the nation has been on this issue for at least a couple decades. Instead these dumb fucks proceed to pass crazy restrictive abortion laws as if we live in some kind of conservative religious haven.

The Democrats and progressives brought us to this point. They pushed the pendulum too far to the left in calling for abortions for any reason at any time. Even right up to the moment before birth. They changed the language to make killing babies sound so wholesome and sweet. Who wouldn’t stand in favor of “Reproductive Rights.” That terminology sounds like people are having babies left and right. They’re exercising their right to reproduce!

The Republicans and religious regressive on the other side want no abortions at any time for any reason. Get raped… have a baby. Get molested… have a baby. Have life threatening complications… have a baby.

Few people actually live in either of their worlds.

Most people, I believe, would be comfortable with abortion policies that are similar to what is practiced in Europe. It’s generally between 12 to 14 weeks throughout most of Europe. Instead our numbskull politicians and political parties only want the extremes. Either kill your baby any time you want or once you get pregnant you carry to term regardless of circumstance.

The Republicans whiffed on a golden opportunity to capture voters from the vast middle. The people who respect life but understand there are times when abortions are a necessary evil. People who don’t want to kill an unborn baby and agonize over the decision to risk killing the mother carrying the child or bring the child to term. These are individual decisions that, within reason, should be between a doctor and the parents. There should be no other layer in between.

We really have reached peak stupid.