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NOTAMs are now more inclusive!

The FAA had to ground all domestic flights this morning because of an outage in the NOTAM system. While a big deal, every system, especially old ones like NOTAM, should be expected to go down every once in a Blue Moon. What’s news to me is their was a change to the acronym.

NOTAM used to mean Notice o Airmen. I know this because I had to issue NOTAMs from time to time when my company’s tower lights went out. Who knew in 2021 the acronym was changed to be more “inclusive”. It’s now Notices to Air Missions. Why the change? Who the hell cares? I suppose at least they didn’t change it to Notices to Air Misogynists.

Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) have a new name: Notices to Air Mission.

Effective Dec. 2, 2021, the new name is a “more applicable term” that is “inclusive of all aviators and missions.”

The name change has already been made to many FAA documents, according to agency officials.

The name change is one of many we will see as the FAA reviews its language and strives to make it more inclusive. The agency recently held on online Inclusive Language Summit that addresses some of these changes.

NOTAMs are now Notices to Air Missions – General Aviation News

Did you know the FAA held an “Inclusive Language Summit” on November 10, 2021? It was almost 2.5 hours long. I didn’t watch it but here’s the video if you want something worse than jabbing chopsticks in your eyeballs.

Maybe all the money spent on this nonsense should have been spent on updating the NOTAMs systems. Then they could have avoided the grounding of all domestic flights today.