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While we gaze at our navels China and Russia solidify their relationship

We’re distracted. We are outraged about TikTok, Fentanyl, Drag Queens, Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, Critical Gender Theory, President Biden advocating the mutilation of children in the name of “gender affirming care”, Elon Musk, FTX, the “Tri-demic”, masking children, and Trump Trump Trump among other nonsense. Meanwhile huge seismic shifts are happening in the “New World Order”.

China and Russia are solidifying their ties and Western Civilization is crumbling. Europe isn’t prepared to defend itself. Neither are the countries in Southeast Asia. On our side of the globe our military has been infiltrated by Critical Queer Theory. The upper echelon of the military is worried more about who swings a dick where than killing the enemy. Are we ready to defend our side of the globe? Forget Canada and Mexico.

Russia is moving on Europe economically right now. China has been doing the same to the United States for decades with their investments in Africa and South America. Economically we are extremely weak and that leaves us weak militarily as well. What if Russia really does move on Europe and China moves on the United States but with guns instead of money? Do we have the capability and the will to fight back?

China’s partnership with Russia has helped to shelter Moscow from the economic fallout of the Western sanctions, enabling leader Vladimir Putin to sustain his war. It is also furthering a global divide, discouraging many developing countries reliant on China for trade from taking sides in the conflict.

Russia and China have long sought to dull the U.S.’s influence in the world, a shared objective that has come into sharper focus in recent years as the two nations have grown confident they can reshape an international order that both view as biased in favor of the West and its allies.

Xi Jinping Doubles Down on His Putin Bet – WSJ

If we go down and become subservient to a Chinese/Russian alliance the irony will be that we financed our own demise. The opening up of China and subsequent position as the world’s factory was largely funded by the American consumer. We paid for the BRICS of our prison.