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Duke University refusing kidney transplant to 14 year old, Yulia Grace Hicks, because she’s not vaccinated against COVID and HPV

To top it all off the girl has had COVID previously and has natural immunity. How stupid we have become.

We were hopeful that things would go our way. Today we were told that Yulia cannot have a transplant at Duke even if we have a live donor for her because of our refusal of the HPV and Covid vaccines. The HPV is new, we just learned of it yesterday. So here we sit contemplating our next steps.

To think that a committee can determine someone’s life is terrifying. This is without a doubt medical tyranny. What has become of the medical community? How does the refusal of a shot that is known to cause many health issues AND does NOT stop the spread of a disease deny a 14 year a lifesaving therapy? How does that happen in America?

A miracle for Yulia Grace

Alex Berenson reported doctors from Duke told Yulia’s parents natural immunity is not as good as hybrid immunity from also getting the mRNA vaccine.

To pressure Chrissy and Lee into giving Yulia a Covid shot, the physicians have overestimated the efficacy of the jabs. On a Nov. 29 phone call that Yulia’s parents recorded, Dr. Dan Chang, an pediatric infectious disease specialist, claimed that the shots “prevent severe disease and death.”

Dr. Chang’s statement is inaccurate – data from Australia, for example, show that more than 90 percent of Covid deaths occur in vaccinated people.

Dr. Chang also told Yulia’s parents that the Covid jabs would help Yulia even though she had already had Covid. “The natural immunity is not as good as if you had natural immunity plus vaccination,” he said.

In fact, a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine in July that examined Covid infections in more than 2 million people in Qatar cast doubt on the effectiveness of so-called “hybrid immunity” against the Omicron variant

Alex Berenson – Substack

These people should lose their medical licenses.