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Why is a local crime being treated as a federal crime?

DePape allegedly broke into Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s house. He allegedly assaulted Paul Pelosi, Nancy’s husband. How did this get elevated to attempted kidnapping? He could not attempt to kidnap Nancy Pelosi because she wasn’t home. If DePape is as nutty as he’s been portrayed and if he was advised of his rights did he have the capacity to understand them? Did he have an attorney present when making his confessions to the police?

This seems to me to be nothing more than a local crime that does not deserve the attention of the federal government. Would you or I get the same backing of the U.S. Justice Department?

Federal prosecutors charged David DePape, 42 years old, with assault and attempted kidnapping in connection with the break-in, writing in court documents that the attacker brought with him a roll of tape, white rope, zip ties, two hammers and other items. Mr. DePape told police he was going to hold Mrs. Pelosi hostage and was going to “break her knee caps,” according to court documents. Mrs. Pelosi was in Washington, guarded by a security detail.

Federal Prosecutors Charge Man Accused of Attacking Paul Pelosi – WSJ