The world as engineered by Barack Obama

Most of the turmoil across the world and reported in the news today is a direct result of electing Barack Obama to the Presidency. The Biden Administration is full of Obama retreads and they are continuing the same policies they pushed from 2008 through 2016. They engineered the energy crisis, they interfered in Ukraine, and they made an enemy out of Russia.

Trump was a fly in their ointment and they disposed of him with COVID-19. He stalled their agenda for four years. Trump getting the Republican nomination turned our world upside down. He wasn’t supposed to get that far. If he didn’t get the nomination the globalists would have continued their slow march to totalitarianism. But he did. And now they feel they have to make up for lost time.

Thanks Obama.

Sure… that Twitter account doesn’t look all that reliable… BUT… that doesn’t make the assessment not true!