How San Francisco became a Progressive utopia or How San Francisco became a shithole

Nellie Bowles is not a conservative. She is from San Francisco. She wrote a long article in The Atlantic titled, “How San Francisco Became a Failed City”. I think my headline is more accurate, however. The moral relativism of Progressives leads to moral decay and this was proven on the streets of San Francisco. Some of these Progressives were ousted from school boards and recently the city’s district attorney. Is it enough to turn the city around? As long as they’re banning the word “chief” and changing “learning loss” to “learning changes” I don’t think there’s much hope for a quick recovery.

Watch this short video before reading the long article.

On a cold, sunny day not too long ago, I went to see the city’s new Tenderloin Center for drug addicts on Market Street. It’s downtown, an open-air chain-link enclosure in what used to be a public plaza. On the sidewalks all around it, people are lying on the ground, twitching. There’s a free mobile shower, laundry, and bathroom station emblazoned with the words dignity on wheels. A young man is lying next to it, stoned, his shirt riding up, his face puffy and sunburned. Inside the enclosure, services are doled out: food, medical care, clean syringes, referrals for housing. It’s basically a safe space to shoot up. The city government says it’s trying to help. But from the outside, what it looks like is young people being eased into death on the sidewalk, surrounded by half-eaten boxed lunches.

A couple of years ago, this was an intersection full of tourists and office workers who coexisted, somehow, with the large and ever-present community of the homeless. I’ve walked the corner a thousand times. Now the homeless—and those who care for the homeless—are the only ones left.

How San Francisco Became a Failed City