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mRNA vaccines may leave the vaccinated more vulnerable to variants

It seems natural immunity is more complete where the mRNA vaccine is too specific and impairs the immune system from fighting variants that don’t have the exact same spike protein. Maybe if these vaccines were studied for more than 6 months we would have found this out before injecting billions.

Of all unvaccinated subjects who had been diagnosed with the virus during the trial, nearly all (93%) had measurable levels of anti-nucleocapsid antibodies, compared to less than half (40%) of those in the vaccine cohort.

“While an increase in seroreversion cannot be ruled out, given the short time frame the more likely explanation is a vaccine-induced reduction in seroconversion,” researchers wrote, suggesting that trial participants given the vaccine had reduced levels of the anti-nucleocapsid antibodies as a direct result of the vaccine’s narrow focus on the spike protein.

Israel National News