Kevin Bae

Non-Social in a Socially Networked World

Smiley Joe is the worst of all the Joes

It’s the kind of smirk you just want to erase. President Biden gave another speech on Russia and Ukraine. He does not exude confidence. When Joe Biden threatens it’s like all the guys we’ve seen throughout our lives that are all talk. You want to call his bluff just to show everyone how full of shit he is.

Today President Biden talked of tough sanctions and military fortification of European allies in the wake of Russian attacks across Ukraine. The problem I have is not in what he said but in how he said it. Biden’s style provokes rather than allays.

I much prefer walk-away-Joe. The one that leaves after his empty words and takes no question. I find it more dangerous to the American people and the world for him to take questions than just say what they wrote for him and get out.