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Vaccinations may not provide the overwhelming protection we’ve been told

Alex Berenson, the former NYT writer and Twitter banned independent journalist found the following statistics buried in a recent study about immune dysfunction and breakthrough infections after vaccination.

But by far the most interesting figures in the study are contained in a single small table in an appendix.

It compares the outcomes of the roughly 18,000 vaccinated and infected people seem at the medical centers with a much larger group of Covid patients – about 2.5 million people – who were not vaccinated and visited the same centers at any point during the epidemic.

About 84 percent of the vaccinated patients were seen as outpatients, while 16 percent required hospitalization.

In comparison, about 77 percent of unvaccinated patients were seen as outpatients, while 23 percent were hospitalized.

Almost 1 percent of the vaccinated patients had serious outcomes, including death, compared to just over 2 percent of the unvaccinated patients.

The study contained no information about post-vaccine side effects.

The findings run contrary to the endlessly repeated promises of Covid vaccine advocates that even if vaccines fail to prevent infection, they are necessary to keep hospitals from being overrun.

Vaccines don’t stop Covid hospitalizations or deaths (

Here is a link to the study.

Association Between Immune Dysfunction and COVID-19 Breakthrough Infection After SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination in the US | HIV | JAMA Internal Medicine | JAMA Network